How we rated the Irons

ClaretandHugh long term Facebook group member Niall McDonald gives his FA Cup replay ratings 


DRanRandolph: Best reserve keeper in the PL? You wonder if he’ll be happy warming the bench next season 8
Cresswell: Usual solid performance, balancing attack and defence 7
Ogbonna: Maintained his air of calm confidence pretty well 7
Tomkins: A brave header gave us a sniff. Struggled in defence for the preceding 80 mins 6
Antonio: Targeted by United and looked uncomfortable for the first time at right-back. Risky pass was cut out and led to their first  5
Lanzini:  Bright start, faded. Sacrificed for Emenike near the end 6
Kouyate:  Our best midfielder on the night. Half a step offside for his disallowed goal at the death 7
Noble: Struggled against more mobile opposition 6
Payet:  Disappeared in the second half. What on earth was he thinking with that final corner? 6
Carroll:  Picked up another unnecessary booking. Anonymous before some decent crosses finally led to an assist and a very near miss 5
Valencia:  Didn’t take an early half chance. Is that the last time we see him in the claret and blue?  3

Moses:  Was direct and showed real pace on the break 6
Emenike:  Let’s just say he arrived too late to make a contribution


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7 comments on “How we rated the Irons

  1. Just in. Not to much to say other than typical of West Ham. Worse we have played this season and it just happened to be in our most important game. “sigh”

    “Disappeared in the second half. What on earth was he thinking with that final corner? 6”

    Not just you asking that question, so was every single West Ham fan in the stadium.

    One last thing, who ever thought it would be a good idea to let the Manchester United fans out at the same time as West Ham fans is a first class prat. Their was fights breaking out everywhere.

  2. Oh and please for the love of god let that be the last time we ever see Enner Valencia play in a West Ham shirt.

  3. I know no one apart from Randolph played well, and bilic got his tactics completely wrong tonight. But can we highlight how poor Valencia has been. His contribution is so bad I would rather have 10 men.
    1. He had no interest in tracking back, left Antonio with a 2 v 1 so many times.
    2. Payet and lanzini are luxury players but they warrant it with their ability.
    3. I cannot remember, the last time he produced an end product.
    4. The guy just dribbles no matter where he is, and he doesn’t dribble with any awareness, his head is firmly on the floor. It’s just knock and run, this is top level football not playing in a playground.
    5. His unpredictability makes it virtually impossible for anyone to play with.

    Finally. I just hope we finally learn how to utilise Carroll. He simply cannot be used as a lone striker, he doesn’t have the flair or movement to be a link up player with the 3 attacking midfielders and he doesn’t have the mobility to press as a unit. He can only be used for pure direct football in a 442 where he has support in the box, until emineke came on, no one got within 15 yards of him.

  4. It was a very disappointing performance and left me bewildered as to how we could be so poor for so long in such a vital game………that said Man U played better than they have been doing all season and were definitely better than us on the night…….when it comes to inquests though I take exception to those who are picking on one player in this case Valencia who didn’t have a good game but he was not alone Randolph apart we were very poor……..Getting back to Valencia it has been a typical 2nd season and to be fair he has played wherever he has been asked to and those who don’t want him to wear the shirt again should remember Man City and Bournemouth away ………the success of this team is because they are a tight unit with an excellent team spirit so when we have a bad game it is the team that has the bad game not Antonio not Valencia ……we are a team and we will win as a team at Leicester COYI

    • I suppose we’re only as strong as the weakest links – last night they were Antonio and Valencia. overall, Antonio has shown far more than Valencia has. Enner has had some great moments, but they are ever fewer and further between. Yes Bournemouth – won us the game; but remember Watford away – failed to hit the target when through 1-on-1.
      Maybe he’s the sort of player who struggles unless he’s playing week-in/week-out. He’s certainly not going to have that status for us

  5. Disappointing, but every side has an off day every once in a while – and sometimes in a major game (Barca anyone?) And let’s give credit to Man Utd – that’s one of their best performances all season. Their movement and passing, especially in midfield, is something we should aspire to.

    Agree with the ratings and comments in general. Although have to disagree it’s the first time Antonio has looked uncomfortable at right back. Everton targeted him up at Goodison and he made some bad defensive errors that day – but may be looked over given our fantastic comeback on the day. Noble also showed why he’s not international class. Love him to bits – but playing for England would show up some of his weaknesses.

    As for that final corner…WTF?!?!

  6. Think the 3 and 5 to harsh,
    We looked better class for the first 10 minutes, then we went to sleep and did not work hard enough,
    Valencia does not play well with AC fall stop,with Sakho he is different
    Payet is not a left winger and a waste,
    Noble or Kouyate should have been sent to hunt down Carrick,
    That’s 6 bad games this season Not bad it’s normally 6 good ones,
    At least they will leave Payet alone now or until next week when he destroys Leicester

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