Incredible Amorim U-Turn


Sky Sports broadcasting legend Jeff Stelling has performed a remarkable U-turn by instructing West Ham to “Get him in immediately” when asked about Ruben Amorim. The Portuguese coach flew to London yesterday for a meeting with Hammers officials where he was reportedly offered the role of head coach.

This is an incredible reversal from Stelling, who had only recently been the cheerleader-in-chief for the ‘be careful what you wish for’ brigade, who are so protective of Hammers manager David Moyes.

Amorim-West Ham-Steidten

Amorim is believed to have met with Tim Steidten and David Sullivan yesterday

Speaking to WHFT’s Nicky Hawkins on TalkSport recently, Stelling asked whether West Ham fans would like to remain in the Premier League with Moyes or get relegated playing pretty football.

Nicky was quick to point out that the two were not mutually exclusive, but it was clear Stelling was affronted by the suggestion that Hammers fans should want Moyes out.

Now it appears Irons fans are allowed to be less cautious about what they wish for. The former Soccer Saturday host appears to have softened his stance… thanks Jeff, nice switch.

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  • mark wiggins says:

    To be fair I was also previously, like DM has done ok , successive seasons in Europe . However our performances in the PL are awful. We ate too defensive , DM is not doing that great . Time to change. More attacking needed & some additions to players.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Moyes has had some real success in the time he has been the manager but the last 2 years have not the best in the premier league tho we have done well in Europe but that safety cushion is no longer and moyes
    Finds himself having to deal with reality ok he won the conference league final and brought home a trophy and as great as that was it’s in the past now and has no bearing on how things are in the here and now the display against Crystal Palace was unbelievable we were so poor playing like that we would struggle against a local Sunday team and that is down to moyes he brought most of the players to the club it’s his Tactics that they play to so it can’t be anyone else’s fault but his

  • Ricky jones says:

    I hear all this about moyes and certain sections of the fans want him gone but take a breath we won our first trophy in 40 years or so we have been in Europe on a regular basis so these are all positives in his favour and the club should stand by him he has done so much for the club and the players he deserves a new contract and let him finish the job he set out to do when he took over for the second time quality players have come to the club where as before we were constantly bringing in has beens and were always fighting relegation moyes changed all that and things can only get even better with him in charge

    • Julian Woodhouse says:

      Sorry but he has not shown anything this season that would indicate that he could engineer further progress. He has overseen a very thin imbalanced squad that is dead on its feet, awfully negative approach to every game unless circumstances force him to do otherwise, has no idea how and when to make substitutions and is really living of winning the third tier cup of European football.

    • stephen white says:

      What medication are you on Ricky as it is obviously blighting your mind! We are going backwards under Moyes and need to replace him now or face a certain season of fighting relegation again once our star players decide to leave in the summer . Thanks David for the European journey and good luck at your next club!

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