Iron lays FA racism charge at Spurs fans

A West Ham fan has laid an official complaint against Spurs after a new video emerged showing the north London fans chanting racist terms at Irons supporters.

The supporter wants to remain anonymous but contacted ClaretandHugh to reveal  he had laid an official complaint with both the game’s ruling body and then Kick it Out campaign.

It follows  Kevin Kilbane’s complaint to the FA over reports that Hammers followers were using the word “mong” in chants at White Hart on Sunday.

The Hammers fan rold ClaretandHugh: “In the current climate  there must be zero tolerance in all cases of racism with the new video showing Spurs fans roaring the words ‘pikey boys’ at Irons fans.

The Show Racism the Red Card campaign says: “Gyppo and Pikey are extremely racist and offensive towards anybody from any of the Traveller groups as both of them have a history of being used to hurt and offend people.
“These words should never be used even if it is towards someone who is not a Gypsy or Traveller.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “Iron lays FA racism charge at Spurs fans

  1. Better get Kilbane on the case.He will contact the FA as well.He now officially oversees all chanting accusations made against football fans.But i guess he would just find this one amusing as it doesnt effect him personally.Come on Kevin,make that phone call.Im sure as a man with irish heritage you must have a traveller somewhere in your family.

    • Oh nooooo you said traveller! you’ll get reported….

      • Haha,yeah thats true.But Kilbane was a traveller too.He went from one club to another,never stayed there long & then moved on coz he was crap 🙂

        • probably couldn’t find anywhere to park his bike

          • I think he was so slow on the wing because of all the tarmac on the bottom of his boots from doing peoples driveways,lol.Now he can complain to the FA about me as well.Go for it Kevin! 🙂

  2. Wow people have become sensitive — Dont go and see a stand up comic any time soon, you’ll hear alot worse

  3. What is wrong with everybody? It is pathetic, is being offended the new national pastime? Sticks and stones……

  4. Soon someone will be telling us we have to stop singing ‘Bubbles’ because the words in it about Dreams fading & dying & Fortunes always hiding may have a negative impact on people who suffer from depression that attend the game.It will maybe send them into a negative mood.Ffs,if you complained to the FA about every song sung or comment made the grounds would end up silent.

  5. I agree to kick out racism, no monkey chants, no booing each time a player of a certain colour gets the ball, no throwing banana’s etc but within a football ground you are going to get a load of fans taking the mickey at the other teams supporters, this is part of the game (and at some games, the more interesting part), for eg Liverpool fans being thieves, this is a total generalisation and is not true (in most cases) but it is part and parcel of football chants. Having a pop at some of the players, calling them Donkeys or a song about the way they talk, dress, look etc again is part and parcel of poking fun at the opposition.
    No to racist remarks but leave the rest alone!

  6. What really winds me up with Spurs fan is the fact that they never want a level playing field.They complain & want no one from opposing teams to say even the slightest humourous remark about their Jewish connections but when their own club asked them to stop singing jew connected songs they spat their dummies & spent the next few months singing about how ‘We sing what we want’ & continued to sing ‘*** Army’.You cant have it both ways,promote yourself as a *** army then get ****y because opposing fans use it as a way of having a pop at them.

  7. Why the problem the West Ham fans were just trying to help,if Kane is going to represent his club and country he will be interviewed all the time and like Beckhams early days when he spoke like someone was squeezing his golden ones he now sounds nearly normal,we were just hinting that Kane needs speech therphy,
    When I said we was not actually at the match,no time for that and looking for conkerpot,

  8. Boy is this getting boring!
    When are some people going to realise? That whenever levy and co get an opportunity to have a go they do and all their friends in the spud loving media and at Sky lap it up!

    Yet again instead of reporting on poor refereeing and an even poorer spud performance along with all the diving to win penalties. We instead are bombarded with 2nd hand claims of alleged Abuse directed at the precious ones and blasted all over the national media!

    Come On! It surely can’t be right that anything that remotely offends their sensibilities should become a matter for the FA and the old Bailey whilst anything they might chant or say that could be regarded as offensive goes largely unreported!

    I’m just so glad we beat them to the OS! COYI!

  9. In the next couple of years we will be the ones in a brand new stadium while they play like nomads for a couple of seasons.Paying hundreds of millions building a new stadium & not having funds to build their squad.Let them have this moment.Levy is just bitter about the OS.Soon their fans will be bitter & jealous of us too when they are going off to play in someone elses stadium because they dont have one.There fans know we are getting close to & will probably become bigger than them in the near future.It They cant handle it,the thought of a load of pikeys supporting a better team than them 🙂

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