Arsenal claimed to have overpaid by £30m for Rice


Irons and overpaid salaries

About a month ago, CandH did a piece on the West Ham players salaries and and more importantly why, the likes of Danny Ings was one of the best paid.

Courtesy of the far too clever Laurie Shaw, the data scientist,  a formula showing who pay the least and who pay the most in salaries compared to the players perceived value.

It probably does not come as a surprise to see both Manchester clubs and Arsenal being the biggest culprits when it comes to overpaying their players: the average player in their squads earns 40% more than their market value says they should.

Anxious not to be left out, the Irons are the biggest payers of inflated salaries outside of the top six!

And it also shows the Gooners have over paid on Declan Rice (£75m v £105m), not that we are going to lose any sleep about it.

I know it is important to pay top dollar to entice talented players to the club, but with the spectre of FFP and UEFA looking over our shoulders, it really is time to be a touch more circumspect in our financial dealings.

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