Irons want SIX


Irons want SIX

The latest news swirling around the internet is that the Irons are planning a “blitzkrieg “ on the transfer market by trying to make SIX  signings in just over three weeks in order to get something out of our shambolic transfer window.

We have only ourselves to blame as we have had plenty of time. This summer’s window opened for domestic deals way back on June 15th and for all transfers on July 1st.

Which means that we have had 53 days – or seven-and-a-half weeks – to get players in.

Having managed precisely zero signings in that time, and unless there is a change in how we do things, I cannot see we getting six new signings over the line before the window closes.

We have made it difficult for ourselves right from the start by making ridiculous lowball offers that would have never been accepted.

Perhaps things will change if we finally get the Alvarez deal over the line?

Who knows?

I do hope that we do not press that big shiny “panic buy” button again

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  • johnham1 says:

    As long as these signings are not Moyes signings we will bring in the right players.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    We can want 6 or 6000 – it makes no difference. Unless there’s something they can be told about our long term plans to convince them, or they’re mercenaries whose aspirations are financial rather than football-based, they’re not going to want to join a team run by Moyes.

  • Auslander says:

    We all know that the problem is Moyes, keep him we can forget about progress, who’d want to play for the dinosaur!

  • johnham1 says:

    Another sad day where a top player leaves all because the of our manager. When are the club ever going to learn.

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