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Is Moyes Right to Light a Fire Under Paqueta and Kudus?


West Ham boss David Moyes is taking a calculated risk by publicly pressuring star duo Lucas Paqueta and Mohammed Kudus ahead of their crucial Europa League clash against Bayer Leverkusen.

Rejuvenated Lucas Paqueta can take down Toon when West Ham travel to Newcastle

West Ham’s reliance on substitutes to win against Wolves suggests Moyes wasn’t entirely happy with his starting lineup. His decision not to make substitutions against Tottenham further emphasises this. Now, with a crucial European tie looming, Moyes is shaking things up.

Moyes’ usual silence on player performance has been replaced by public pronouncements. While some managers thrive on creating a “them vs us” mentality, this approach can backfire. Will Paqueta and Kudus respond positively to the pressure, or will their confidence be dented?

The “Untouchables” Get Touched

Previously seemingly immune to criticism, Paqueta and Kudus are now under Moyes’ microscope. This “carrot and stick” approach, with praise laced with expectation for Paqueta and careful encouragement for Kudus, is a gamble. Can Moyes motivate them without pushing them over the edge?

While both players are talented, West Ham needs more than individual moments of brilliance. Moyes seems to be emphasising consistency from Paqueta and continued development from Kudus. However, relying solely on these two to spark a turnaround against Leverkusen might be a risky strategy.

West Ham faces a daunting task, and Moyes’ decision to publicly motivate Paqueta and Kudus is understandable. However, this tactic can be a double-edged sword. If it backfires, it could create a fragile atmosphere within the team….. remember Benrahma?


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  • zahama says:

    I guess that it all depends on what Moyes has said to them in his team discussions – perhaps don’t worry lads that I say A,B, C to the media what I really feel is X, Y and Z

  • mark wiggins says:

    Let’s be objective , both players can produce moments of brilliance . Moyes did no exactly slate them , it’s more like encouraging them to play the best they can. Of course the whole team need to play well tonight . With grit determination, hard work and team work we are capable of beating any team on our day, even without Bowen . If we get anything from the game I will be delighted, I am thinking 0-1 would be amazing and show intent. Let’s break their unbeaten record. COYI ⚒

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