Johnson has high hopes


Ex defender Glen Johnson has high hopes for the Hammers

Former West Ham defender Glen Johnson hopes that winning the Europa Conference League final, will allow the club to use that momentum to have a more successful  campaign in the Premier League next season.

David Moyes‘ side will head to Prague in the Czech Republic with the sole aim of winning their first major piece of silverware in 43 years.

Despite West Ham’s limp Premier League campaign, the Hammers has swept all before them in Europe’s third-tier competition.

Johnson wants his old club to use their strong displays in the Conference League as a building block for the 2023/2024 season.

He describes their season as being average and accepts they could easily have been relegated this season but talking to the Irish Post reckons it is brilliant the fans are now enjoying a decent end to the season

He declares in his interview:¬†“Absolutely, yeah, and it’s quite nice in the sense that they have been pretty average in the last couple of seasons and they could have been relegated this year.

¬†“So, it’s nice to give the fans a bit of positivity, and you know it’s one of those frustrating seasons where you think they can go on and give more, and then it’s a disappointing and then you think ‘oh they’re going to get abused this week’ by so and so, and they go on to win. Whatever you think is going to happen, it’s the opposite.”

“So yeah, they can build on this and enjoy their time and hopefully win the final and kick on next year and get back to the top half of the table where they, I think, should be.”

At one stage in the season, Moyes’ job was on the chopping block, but due to The Hammers’ strong showing in Europe, he has managed to steady the ship. Johnson wants the Scot to abandon his pragmatism and play with a bit more adventure going forward.

Johnson added: “I like him. He knows the league better than anyone. I just think sometimes your best of living and dying by the sword. Try and win the game and don’t be too negative and sit back and sit back and then you still lose.

“I think the fans can deal with it a bit more if you take the game to the other team and you lose, then fine. If you sit back and lose, then it’s unacceptable.

“So I think if he takes the reins off a little bit and played a bit more attacking, he’d win a lot more people over. But you can understand why he’s doing certain things because it’s a high-pressure job he’s trying to get results, but sometimes you just have to take the shackles off.”

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