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Kalvin Phillips Hammers Escape Route

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Kalvin Phillips’ disastrous time at West Ham United could have a surprising sequel, with Everton reportedly interested in a loan deal, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper article doesn’t shy away from the criticism Phillips has faced. Branded as a potential contender for West Ham’s worst ever signing, his lack of impact and poor form are seen as contributing factors to David Moyes‘ departure as manager.

However, the piece also offers some understanding. It acknowledges that external factors likely played a part in Phillips’ dismal performances at the London Stadium.

Despite the criticism, Everton seem willing to take a chance on Phillips, offering him a potential lifeline in the form of a loan deal.

Manchester City, Phillips’ current club, reportedly prefers a permanent transfer, which seems unlikely given his recent form.

Leeds United, Phillips’ former club and a potential destination for a permanent move, are no longer an option following their failure to earn promotion back to the Premier League. This significantly reduces City’s chances of recouping a decent transfer fee for the midfielder.

The article also raises questions about the potential loan deal. Phillips’ underwhelming performances at West Ham raise concerns about his suitability for another Premier League club, even on a temporary basis.

It appears that he is now the football version of kryptonite.

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