Killer video of super Samuelsen’s incredible skills


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29 comments on “Killer video of super Samuelsen’s incredible skills

  1. wow… congratulations lad… πŸ˜‰

  2. If he continues to play like he has in the pre season the Davids should look to lock him up for longer before the vultures start circling. Does anyone know why he left Man C or why they let him go??

  3. Was Messi this good at that age?

  4. Didn’t see much of that against Birkirkara last week πŸ™

  5. OMG we have signed a blonde Maradona, put him on an 8yr contract today! If he fills out a bit more, well quite a bit actually, he will be an awesome player. Not seen a player as skilful as him since…. well ever actually. Looks twice as good as Ronaldo or Messi were at a similar age. That being said, if he plays like that in the Prem, there will be defenders lining up to take lumps out of him and at his weight, he will end up in row ZZ, or with John Terry wearing him as a set of ear muffs.

  6. I dont want to p*ss on anyones bonfire,but if he is as good as you all believe why did Man.City release him,lol

    • asking myself the very same question. Is he too lightweight, too much of a show pony, injury prone, there must be a reason.

  7. Well.. Maybe city released him because they’re City and it was the end of the contract, and maybe he didn’t push for them to renew anyway because he wants to play. In every interview I’ve read he seems so incredibly focused and confident, and he’s got a good mentor in a down to earth father. His goal is to play regular premiership football before 20, that’s what he’s been saying in every interview I’ve read.

    City just bought Sterling for 49 mill, behind and alongside him are probably 5-6 players pushing for a place.

  8. Hvis contact with city went out. He was with us and trained in march. He had loads of offers from other clubs and simply liked What we had too offer was best. He is from my home Town Haugesund and ive seen my son and his team been smash by him in so many games. Remember he’s 18 and never compited on this level before. COYI !

    • Another Norwegian insight,welcome on board John and thanks for the info. I bet it was still a pleasure to see such skill even if your sons team was being beaten.

  9. Thanks for the Norwegian insight Eriko I’m hoping the level headed junior Viking is a great success. I’ve got to go and relight my bonfire and get rid of that smell of pi$$,hmm wonder if they’re connected lol

  10. Great video, it shows in almost every clip what great balance and good feet he has. Hopefully he will continue to improve and get a chance for a few run outs this season. In terms of why he didn’t make it at City, who knows certainly it would take him longer to get into the first team as they are buying success, maybe he is intelligent and sees that his best chance is at our club to fast track his development πŸ™‚

  11. 66 and spidergk ever thought about cutting your wrist,
    He is 18 has the future I front of him played 2 games and cost nada,
    What’s the problem with some people,you have gone so long watching football without any skill it has scared you,I hope Slav lets him free to show those skills,if Hippo had been forced to play him he would have stuck him on the wing and told him to pass to Nolan and keep defending before even thinking about going forward,
    What’s it going to take for some people to move on

  12. Well seeing as i have always been one of the ones on here with you bubs through the hippo saga wanting him out & craving better football,for once i got to say you are talking outta your arse!,lol,I just asked the ****ing question,why did he leave or why did man.city let him go.Aint a ****ing reason to need to slit my wrist for ****s sake.You seem to forget the folk who have been on here for ages wanting hippo out & better times but just randomly scatter gun attacks at people.Ffs!!

  13. Just watched the video again the skill showed on those ploughed fields is unbelievable,what’s he giving to do on a real surface,
    As for the comments made about defenders crippling him they will have catch him first,
    And if they are going to do it blatantly we will be playing against 10 men regularly,
    All the greats like Messi and Ronaldo do not spend much time injured because they adapt to playing against thugs,and draw fouls and score regularly from those spot kicks
    We have a chance here to watch a real class player and I agree lets get him signed on along contract

  14. Good balance, tries to stay on his feet, doesn’t dive, doesn’t milk it when tackled – what’s not to like?

  15. He is already signed to a two year contract till 2017 with an option for 2yrs extended i saw.Thats good enough for now.He looks the real deal,but have seen loads of 17/18yr olds look the part but never make it.I aint going to set unrealistic expectations on the kid.Anything is a bonus for us without turning him into a new Messi,lol πŸ˜‰

  16. Just saying lads you don’t need to look for the negative anymore,
    You know me by now 66 not personal against you but I wait to see this sort of skill and for once it’s going to be in our shirt who cares a ****e why Man city let a talent go and paid over the top for a problem they will regret,
    After 4 years it’s going to take a lot to get that hippo poo out of my skin oldgit sorry but you will have to put up with a little longer,

  17. Its not just the walrus who was unable to anything with talent at his disposal,remember Pardew being given 2 world class argies and struggled to make use of until the second half of the season,and then it was only Tevez,If this kid is gonna make it,he is at the right club now.

  18. Bit of perspective needed with this lad I feel. He has played what? 2 hours of football for us against Peterborough, Southend and the 3rd best team in Malta, hardly the likes of Chelski or City now is it.
    Reckon Slav will keep him with the first team just for the experience but think he will be one for cup games with the odd 20mins here and there in the league for this term at least.

  19. Sometimes I wonder what people want, one minute we have no flare or creative players, (that was true last year I agree) then we get a lottery win by signing this kid, and we get people saying why this ? and why that ? You have see the video….. this boy’s a magician, He is as good as I have seen since George Best. Lets just enjoy the watching him play in the Claret & Blue, goodness knows we have waited long enough since Eyal Berkovic left. COYI

    • Oh come on…. really???? Either the internet sarcasm isn’t translating well tonight or you’re smoking something way too strong.
      Lets not forget that Faubert looked like a world beater on youtube and we all know where that lead us.
      Samuelsen has played 3 times two of which were friendlies, getting excited is one thing but comparing him to Best, you’ve gotta be having a giggle.

      • No not comparing him to Best (He was a Master), I am talking about the boys style is Best like, carrying the ball across and down the field with body and foot movement, an eye for goal and passing it into the net, that is Best like, tell me how many prospects you have seen with these abilities…..thought not !

  20. So people aint allowed to wonder why the kid left city just through curiosity.Wow,these forums are f*cked up when people cant even ask a simple question without people jumping down their throats.The kid looks a real find but how the hell can you turn him into a prem star after a few clips when he was still in nappies or a couple of runouts against lower div teams.Lets see how he develops through the course of this season before turning him into Messis long lost little brother.

    • What ruins forums like this, is bad language and the inability to put your opinion forward without using it. The forum is for people to put their own views and criticism’s, to a wider audience for open discussion. We have had over two years of negativity, in my view it is time for optimism. Rooney was still in nappies (17) as you describe when He came on the seen, The great Sir Bobby Moore was 19. Man City prefer to buy Β£50 million players of just 20, not nurture talent. These kids like Samuelson, Oxford & Burke know that our Academy produces great players, so they stay here and not go to the Man U’s & Man City’s and warm the bench watching the multi-million pound buys, week in week out. .

  21. Cor blimey,bit of overkill going on here aint there,lol,Messi,Best.The lad looks great,but how many games has he played? Who did he play them against? I hope he rips teams apart for us in the coming seasons but lets not be wetpants about him,lol

  22. I thought it was blatantly obvious why he left Man city.With an abundance to chose from surely one will slip through the net.Maybe his puny size was a factor?Don’t really care.If he can do the job we are the beneficiaries.

  23. Messi,Best,wow,what a player this kid is going to be.Though i diidnt see much of this at UP last thursday,saw a kid with great potential but not more than that.Thats not being negative btw,before the ‘NegativePolice’ turn up.Just my observations on him so far in the matches i have seen him in.

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