Kudus hat-trick


Kudus hat-trick

Our latest potential signing Mohammed rattled in a hat-trick in perhaps his last game for Ajax in a comfortable win over Ludogorets  in the Champions League qualifying win against Ludogorets

The well known Italian sports journalist Fabrizio Romano shared the interview in which Kudus was asked about the Irons, and being obviously a man of few words replied

West Ham? Good club, yes”

This lad is good, very good . His pace and finishing qualities could make him a firm fan favourite for the Irons and he is a most exciting proposition.

We all talked about West Ham making a statement of intent at the beginning of the Summer transfer window, and after a rather shaky start we have caught fire recently with some quality additions to the squad.

It would be great to get this over the line quickly and get him in the squad for our visit to Brighton tomorrow

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  • barnie884 says:

    Let hope so! But wont be in the squad for the weekend as no chance it’s done by midday

  • Dutch Courage says:

    I saw his interview on Dutch tv last night and he said he believed he’d played his last game for Ajax. This was also confirmed by the Ajax manager. He was substituted late on to give the Ajax fans the opportunity to wish him well.

    I do admire your enthusiasm, but signing in time for Saturday…. He’s just played an away game in Europe on Thursday, there’s no way he’d be available for Saturday. And of course, if he signs, Dinosaur won’t let him anywhere near a start for at least 3 weeks.

    As he has now played for Ajax in the Europa League that presumably means he’s cup tied for us? Not sure how that works but I’ve a nasty feeling he won’t be able to play in Europe until after the winter break. Is that correct?

    • Simon Leyland says:

      If we do get him, I think you might be right about him being cup-tied. A good spot Brian !

      • Dutch Courage says:

        I checked the rules and apparently UEFA scrapped the Cup-tied ruling in 2018/2019 season, so no problem!

  • Dalkirst says:

    I don’t think it is no. He can still play for us i believe. If he couldn’t do you think we would have let him become cup-tied when on the verge of buying him?

    I know it’s past 12pm now but there was no chance he would have been available for tomorrow. He’s not even had the medical yet and isn’t due into London until Saturday. He would have needed to have signed and the paperwork done by middday Friday.

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