Report: Kudus medical today


Kudus medical today

The Daily Mirror have reported that  our nearly new signing Mohammed Kudus is due to arrive today at the London Stadium for his medical

He is expected to sign a five year deal with the Irons.

What a week or so we’ve had !

Edson Alvarez, James Ward-Prowse and Dinos Mavropanos and now hopefully Kudus.

It is astonishing to think that for weeks and weeks we were linked with players and nothing came of it and now like London buses, we are welcoming some real quality signings in a matter of a few days.

The summer transfer window has been a resounding success as we have used the money gained from our former skippers move to Arsenal sensibly.

How many times can you remember reading the words “West Ham transfer policy” and “sensible”, in the same sentence?

Exactly !

I don’t want to jinx things but things are definitely looking up

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  • Buster says:

    Where are the moaning miseries tonight? More signings on the way before Friday night.
    Moyes is getting it right…….. especially with the choice of number one ‘keeper.

  • Hammeray says:

    Transfer rumours drive me mad. I would have thought that the Kudus story would dominate but I can find nothing new and nothing confirming his arrival despite it being “imminent”. Gonzo supposedly does a new video each day? If he does he doesn’t release them. I’ve been reading about Mavropanos for a week. That is history now. Where is Kudus? as for the journalists that talk a lot but say nothing (one from Italy one from London)….useless. Is anybody actually monitoring what’s going on? Am I looking in all the wrong places?

  • Hammeray says:

    “due to arrive”, “nearly new signing”, are not quotes of confirmation. Official announcement from London Stadium or Rush Green, pictures (not Photoshop) of Kudus in Claret & Blue, first video etc. Nothing so far confirms an arrival that has been pending for a week at least. Maybe tomorrow? The window shuts in five days and Moyes has already said Friday’s game will effectively reduce that. West Ham are so close, I don’t want to see them struggling through to January when they shouldn’t have to.

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