Leroy: The fans MUST drown out Nolan’s abusers

Leroy Rosenior has told the real fans to “stand up and drown out those who boo Kevin Nolan” declaring: “A tiny minority has  shamed the  name of our great club.”

Leroy – Claret and Hugh’s top columnist – was utterly appalled at the boo boys who abused the Hammers skipper and said: “You should be utterly ashamed – there’s no place in this game for people who boo their own players.”

He declared: “Here we were enjoying a brilliantly comfortable win and that breaks our – horrible.

We should have gone away at the end of the game feeling really happy and comfortable but I didn’t because of those ghastly fans who booed Nolan.

“Whatever anyone wants to think of him as a player is their decision but he is 100 per cent West Ham and has been since he got here and that makes me even more uncomfortable with what’s happened.

“So I want to call on all the decent fans – should that ever happen again – to cheer their heads off for the lad and drown out the abusers.

“This is a great great club and the vast majority of our fans are brilliant. We have always been recognised as a fair club and what happened to Kevin was very wrong so let all of the good guys put it right if such a horrible situation ever arises again.”



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

6 comments on “Leroy: The fans MUST drown out Nolan’s abusers

  1. Well said Leroy.

    It is now obvious that those degenerates who call themselves supporters, have nothing to do with this great club. They are too arrogant and deluded to even realise what they are doing is disgusting and puts a dirty stain on this club. Maybe these idiots want to put this club on ALL the back pages for all the wrong reasons.
    These idiots have the collective memories of goldfish and are unable to cast their minds back to three years ago and how he has been an essential part of this clubs turnaround.
    Unfortunately it seems that we HAVE got a minority of deluded supporters who live in a parallel universe and don’t understand the word “Support”. We don’t need this kind of support so you might as well go support Spurs where your kind will be welcome.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Leroy’s sentiments. Despite his faults Kevin Nolan is the club captain and considering who he succeeded the invisible and inaudible Matthew Upson who as we should remember was such a poor captain everyone outside of the club thought Scott Parker had the armband. In my opinion apart from a couple of blips Nolan has done well for the club especially in his role as captain where he appears to have the respect of his colleagues. Is he getting older and slower? Yes. Is he a favourite of the manager? Probably yes again, but that’s not his fault and I thought it was quite important that he didn’t make the starting XI on Sunday. From my seat in the middle of the BML I thought the boos came from the sides suggesting it was from fans who don’t attend every game. When you reflect that Greeno and Bobby Z got deserved rousing receptions but our captain got boos from some sections of the crowd it’s quite odd really, makes you wonder why some bother going at all.

  3. I can’t agree with Leroy on this .Get picked on merit and then there is no moaning.firstly as captain,we haven’t won when he has been it .as a player the same, so getting appearance money for next to nothing is poor.Thirdly and most importantly the booing is at Allardyce too for in the last two games he should have gone with Zarate and Lee ,for the betterment of the team, but instead picked Nolan who went on to do nothing in either game.And lastly,you pays your money and you can do what you see fit.Nolan a and Sam should be booed if its the wrong choices.Select the quality not the mercenary’s.

  4. I don’t agree with booing your own players but when it comes to Nolan I’m sorely tempted – what do you do if you disagree with him being in the team, he does virtually nothing other than harass the Referee.

    BFS has to be the target for discontent for continually picking him – his blind allegiance will ultimately undermine the team – time Nolan was eased out.

  5. Some people have very short memories.Nolan who was Newcastle’s captain in the Premiership,came down a league to join Sam at West Ham.He was an integral part of that side who got us back up.He was instrumental,in the signing of A.C,and last season scored 6 goals in three games,in the 4 wins on the bounce,that ultimately kept us up.He might not get back into the team as we have so many options,but he has been a good captain.Definately not one to be booed.Those who booed are not real fans. C.O.Y.I.

  6. Asking some people to see beyond their predudices is almost impossible and that some would cut their own noses off to spite their face is really quite sad.

    Believe it or not fans can see why BS and nolan aren’t everybodies cup of tea. We get it!mbut go continue to blame them for everything from the stock market crash to bird flu is simply ridiculous!

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