Lineker Floats Appeal System Amidst West Ham VAR Controversy


The use of VARĀ  in the Premier League continues to spark debate, with a recent call in the West Ham vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers match reigniting discussions. Following the controversial disallowing of a Wolves goal, former footballer and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker proposed a novel solution: an in-game appeal system.

The match at Molineux ended in disappointment for the home side as Max Kilman’s late equalizer was chalked off by VAR due to an offside call. This decision sparked outrage from Wolves manager Gary O’Neil and their fans.

Lineker, addressing the issue on Match of the Day, highlighted the need for a system that allows for more dynamic officiating and reduces potential errors. His suggestion? An in-game appeal system, where managers can challenge one VAR decision per half.

How West Ham Could Benefit (or Not):

While this system might seem like a clear advantage for West Ham in the Wolves match, where they could have appealed the disallowed goal for Emerson, it’s not a guaranteed positive. The match also saw a controversial call go in their favor with Kilman’s disallowed goal. The strategic use of appeals would be crucial, as using it on the wrong decision could cost them dearly.

Double-Edged Sword:

Lineker’s proposal offers an intriguing solution to the ongoing VAR debate. While it could potentially lead to fairer officiating and reduce frustrations, it also introduces the risk of more stoppages in gameplay and potentially questionable appeals by managers. The effectiveness of such a system would depend on its implementation and the ability of managers to use appeals strategically.

Nice try Gary, but I doubt that the Premier League are likely to look at this

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  • Shut up Lineker you buffoon. I never heard any of this nonsense spouted last week regarding the Newcastle penalty or any of the others that went against us recently.
    Just do away with VAR completely
    And get back to blaming 1 person instead everyone and a dog in hut down the road

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