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In the latest West Ham news, the Hammers find themselves at the centre of a major transfer saga involving our star midfielder, Edson Alvarez. With Manchester United’s eyes set on Alvarez as a potential replacement for the departing Casemiro, West Ham’s resolve is being tested. The recent reports from Sky Sports Germany suggest that Manchester United might have to fork out a hefty sum to secure Alvarez’s services, although to me, it doesn’t seem hefty enough.

The Alvarez Transfer Speculation

Transfer Fee Estimates: Manchester United have reportedly been informed that a bid between £60-68 million might be necessary to pry Alvarez away from London Stadium. From a Hammers perspective, that value seems incredibly low, even if it is twice what the club paid twelve months ago.

Alvarez’s Significance to West Ham: Alvarez is not just a player; he’s a pivotal part of West Ham’s midfield, blending defensive acumen with an ability to transition play. Under new head coach Julen Lopetegui, Alvarez’s role is seen as more critical than ever.

Alvarez-Transfer-West Ham

Edson Alvarez has become a key figure for West Ham and his transfer fee should reflect that

Historical Connection: The interest from Manchester United isn’t without a personal touch. United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, previously coached Alvarez at Ajax, where they clinched two Dutch titles. This reunion could be a tempting factor for Alvarez as well as Ten Hag who will begin the season immediately under pressure.

Strategic Importance of Alvarez to West Ham

Edson Alvarez’s importance at West Ham cannot be overstated. Since his arrival, he has been a linchpin in the midfield, with his robust defensive tackles and intelligence on the ball. Here’s why losing Alvarez could be a significant blow for the Hammers:

Defensive Stability: Alvarez provides a shield in front of the backline, often breaking up play and initiating attacks.
Experience and Leadership: With international experience and multiple championships under his belt, Alvarez brings a winner’s mentality to the team.

Manchester United’s Midfield Puzzle

The departure of Casemiro leaves a noticeable gap in the Red Devils’ setup, prompting them to look at Alvarez as a fitting replacement. However, the former Real Madrid midfielder has been far from his best last season and Man U need a revamp. The relationship between Alvarez and Ten Hag could be seen as a key factor in United’s pursuit, hoping that their successful past can translate into Premier League triumphs.


As West Ham and Manchester United continue their tug-of-war over Edson Alvarez, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The proposed fee of £60-68 million, as reported, might seem modest for a player of Alvarez’s calibre, but it won’t stop Man U from trying their luck. For West Ham fans following this development, it’s a story of apprehension and hope as they await the final decision. Stay tuned to Claret & Hugh for more updates and all things West Ham news.

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  • Thom Ridgeway says:

    Once a player’s head is turned, nothing you can do! Sell for as much as you can, and start all over again. The suggestion is that Alvarez was being tapped by Man U by as early as mid April and the histrionics contrived to suit. We know the score from Arsenal over Rice. Just pay up for Fofana instead, and pray!

  • C&Hused2bOK says:

    There is absolutely no tug of war! He is a West Ham player signed on a 5 year contract. He is going nowhere unless West Ham decide they want to sell him and the price is one they are willing to accept. All stories like these are leaked or started by the interested club, or the agent involved to try and test the resolve of the club that owns the player. But Instead of stating that and reporting the facts, you write an article on a West Ham website to try and feed the narrative and enhance the speculation. I just cant bear this website anymore! I’m outta here!!

    • Andy Matthews says:

      Wasn’t reported as fact, it stated quite clearly that it was a news report from Sky Germany and the figures seemed unrealistic.

      Filter out whatever you wish to though.

  • S says:

    I don’t want to sell him, but let’s calm down on the praise for Alvarez. He’s not nearly as good as this article makes him sound. Our midfield was porous at times with him at the “heart” of it. If they offered 65million I’d take that and run with it. Could take that money and buy a great striker and use Downes as a defensive midfielder.

  • Bonzo says:

    Sell him for 65 million plus sofyan Amrabat who was a decent player for his previous team, before he got manured.

  • Db says:

    I will give you a update …
    He is injured…
    Possible handstring…
    He could barely limp off pitch for Mexico…
    Here is some.real news for you .
    Your welcome

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