Paul Merson: “West Ham have been phenomenal”

Paul-Merson-Headshot_3190859Sky Pundit Paul Merson has backed West Ham for another away win this weekend.

“It just doesn’t get any easier for Sunderland, does it? If you looked at this at the start of the season you would have probably said this wasn’t a bad game for Sunderland, but West Ham are probably the worst team to play at the moment at home.” Merson told the Sky Sports Website¬†

“West Ham have been phenomenal on the road this season and they are set up perfectly for the win. Sunderland will have to come out and have a go and that plays right into West Ham’s hands. They’ve counter attacked a lot better teams than Sunderland and they’ll be too strong come Saturday.”

Merson predicts a 2-1 win against the Mackems on Saturday afternoon.


6 comments on “Paul Merson: “West Ham have been phenomenal”

  1. He is trying to get on our good side what’s Lawerson got it down as a 3/0 home win,
    It’s all going to come down to how much we want it,if we go there and take the game to them we will be to strong for them,

  2. This story doesn’t ring true – there’s no way Merse could pronounce ‘phenomenal’ – definitely don’t ask him to spell it!

  3. Another of the ‘Becareful what you wish for’ gang who now has his tail between his legs & actually complimenting Bilic & the team.

  4. Merson might be as sharp as Forrest Gump, but he does have the decency to hold his hands up and adjust his previous blinkered view of our team so far this season, more than can be said of that tw@t from Preston.

  5. That’s a loss then – he’s predicted everyone of our games incorrectly this season – why should this be any different?

  6. Hope he gets one right.

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