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Moyes reckons the squad has been “brilliant”

David Moyes believes his squad has improved since his return and things are looking up!

Tonight’s game and the next few will prove whether he’s right or not but it’s hard to argue there has not been more commitment and organisation.

Commenting before tonight’s game in the midlands against Leicester he said: “I’ve really enjoyed my period coming back. It’s been busy. I came in just before new year and the games we’ve got means it’s still busy.

“The biggest thing I’d say is the players have been brilliant. They’ve given me 100 per cent in all the games. I think you saw it in the Everton game.

The commitment’s been really, really good, every one of them, and I can only praise them for it because they’ve knuckled down.

“I was pleased, after the first game, with the amount of goals we scored. It was a record for a league game at [London] Stadium.

After that, we’ve got a few clean sheets. Prior to me coming in, I think the team had lost several goals in several games. I need to make sure we’re not conceding. We’ve done that a bit.”



8 comments on “Moyes reckons the squad has been “brilliant”

  1. How the hell does Lanzini get a start ahead of Fornals??

    My team selection was exactly the same as the fans team selection in Claret & Hugh!!

    All I can say is Lanzini better turn up tonight or big questions will surely be asked!!

  2. They are a disgrace. Noble looks dead. Lanzini invisible. Haller quit with the starting whistle. Playing like a team afraid of humiliation with no thought of winning. 2-0 at half, predict losing 5-0.
    Moyes needed to watch the last match again.

  3. Yeah Hugh even I have to admit that things are looking up! What a great performance. Only 2-0 to Leicester. I hope your pal D-Dave is enjoying too while he can because next season there will be less money to milk from our club

  4. What a great performance! Things are surely looking up! Thank you Hugh and d-dave

  5. Well we are 4.1 down now and the Championship beckons us. No if or buts we are down 😢

  6. Not tonight!!!! Would have thought our pensioners would have kept the score down tonight as it might come down to goal difference at the end of the season. O well Moyes back to the drawing board?? Your certainty not going to get any new players in before 31st if our owners can help it or if any at all?? Liverpool next Wednesday goal fest for them I suppose? Glass very half empty after tonight rather than half full!!!🤔🤔🤔

  7. Does he still that now after watching that shambolic performance tonight???

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