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New investor moves in on Hammers shares

New investor moves in to buy up Gold shares

West Ham United could be set to sell 10% of the club’s shares to an American investor. That’s according to C&H regular Sean Whetstone, who has published the details on his Twitter (X) page.

It was announced two months ago that the shares would become available following the sad passing of David Gold, closely followed by the surprise death of his daughter Jacqueline. As a result, Vanessa Gold decided to place some of the family’s shares up for sale, with Rothschilds mandated to find an investor.

Sean wrote: “West Ham could soon find itself a new American shareholder after a new name has been offered as an investor for the 10% shareholding that Vanessa Gold and family have put up for sale with Rothschild. The Hammers already have one American shareholder in the form of Tripp Smith, who owns 8% of the West Ham holding company.

The Premier League is under increasing influence of American investors, with Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Burnley, Crystal Palace, and Fulham all owned or partially owned by Americans. Everton is also in the process of an American takeover by 777 partners.”

West Ham had been rumoured to be of interest to the Qatri investment fund who failed in their attempt to buy Manchester United. Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani withdrew his bid to buy Man U, paving the way for British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe to eventually gain control of the club.

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  1. I read today that there is a virus affecting players in the squad which contributed to the surprisingly lethargic performance.

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