Owen unsure whether AC is right for England

Michael Owen is cautious whether to include Andy Carroll for the England squad for the 2016 Euro finals. Owen was asked on BT Sport Whether Carroll could force his way into the England squad:

“I think the lads mentioned it in commentary, I think Glen hit the nail on the head, as something different coming off the bench, but when you play someone like Andy Carroll, we mentioned it before, you have to play a certain style of play and England play a passing game, they don’t play direct, they don’t knock too many crosses in so you have to be a little bit careful”

Asked whether Owen would take Carroll to the Euros he answered: “If Sturridge is fit, No”


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16 comments on “Owen unsure whether AC is right for England

  1. Never mind Glen, you need a hammer to hit the nail on the head, I’m a hammer so I’ll do it “Owen, you are a *****”

    • If Owen is a ***** which I presume means he is biased against West Ham players in some way, then you are even more of a ***** for being utterly biased. Carrol is good, but like others say, is nowhere near proving himself worthy of an England cap. Were you one of the loud voices demanding he be sold and was at best an impact player…..? Wouldn’t surprise me…Embarrassing!
      Sturridge has a way better scoring record and offers far more options than the specialised role that Carroll needs. I am a Carroll fan – really! I wasn’t calling for him to be sold; I love him; he really puts in a shift, and has saved amny a goal let alone scored vital ones. But he needs to have done it more consistantly AND STAY FIT! before he can be considered again.

  2. strange for him to prefer a Liverpool player .What a plum . About as good a pundit as he is a commentator

  3. No West Ham players = no cups for England . England don’t know how to play the pretty passing game with any success . Owen & Hodgson obviously went to the same school .
    There is and never was a problem with the English game untill we had a succession of foreign managers obsessed with Spain ( Barcelona ) and it’s passing game . We have forgotten the hard game of defending and breaking out with telling passes that cut the opposition in Half . England need to take a good hard look at West Ham again and reconsider it’s Managment and get nowhere style . I loved Owen as a player ( 10 ) but as a pundit ??.

  4. Andy Carroll for England should be a no brainer ,, but with Hodgson stuck in the Mud with no idea about how England should play ( after all these years ) he probably stands no chance and without him England have no chance . We need a change of Manager ASAP .
    But for an English one … We don’t need more non-British thank you very much .

    • So mighty Kev, should we also only have a British manager at West Ham? If not, why not? And just WHO would be better than Hogeson? The fact is England have lost massive ground internationally, and a change of manager etc isn’t going to change that…

  5. Why are we having this conversation? AC has done nowhere near enough yet to justify an England recall. Although, I suppose, on the other hand, Roy seems to love handing caps to players who have done little to deserve them.

  6. Change the manager as many times as you want it wont change Englands fortunes.Our national manager is working with mediocre players,simple as that.

  7. Not actually having a conversation with you , sparrow … It’s just my opinion .
    No eleven payers on the pitch = no team . Strange though it may seem .

  8. I remember very well how bobby Moore directed play from defence to attack at pace and the
    team understood the way .
    The problem which has already been mentioned is we don’t have a moore or the quality of player to achieve winning a tournament !
    I’m not going to name players as you already know who they are who are not world class
    And add to that a manager totally out of his depth then carol and any other west ham player
    Not in the squad should hold their hands together at not being picked ! They would only be used as a scapegoat any way ! Look at green , they destroyed him for one mistake ?
    How many mistakes has foster hart and a few others made who regained a place the next game !
    Call me claret and blue specs but people can’t bear the fact we won the world cup !
    And are never going to let that happen again anytime soon !
    Too many imports have killed us on the international stage ! Fact !!!!!!

  9. If he thinks England play a passing game he should watch us play against Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Croatia etc we are not good enough against the true passing teams in those games we should accept our limitations and go direct, apart from Italy none of their central defenders are any good against someone like Carroll. If Owen understood what makes teams win he wouldn’t have lost a fortune at the bookies on betting.

  10. If Sturridge is fit. Says all you need to know about Owen and his Liverpool bias.

  11. We should just go back to Good Old English Football
    Fill the deuce with 4 hard proper defenders,
    Put 3 up top with speed play Rooney just behind them because he has that special talent no one else has and 2 midfield generals who can cover the ground
    No European Team like to be pressed from the front back people breathing down their necks not giving them space to pose,
    Every time we do well against a top nation it’s the pace of Lennon,Walcott Owen etc with a good Target man,Sturridge or Wellbeck will offer no more than AC but we need Sterling Saha And others of that ilke who can cause problems
    No more Milner,Llana Henderson they are not good enough,
    It’s our game we invented it we need to do it our way,

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