Priceless Bowen’s rapid rise to the top


Bowen’s rapid rise to the top

It wasn’t too long ago that the debate about David Moyes treatment of Said Benrahma and Jarrod Bowen sparked discussions among West Ham United fans. I can remember a time, when their performances were similar, but the manager seemed to substitute Benni, and allow Bowen to play 90 mins.

People questioned whether Moyes favoured Bowen over Benrahma. However, when we strip away the external factors and focus solely on their footballing abilities, the answer seems rather clear: Jarrod Bowen is proving to be much the better player.

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Bowen’s enjoyed a rapid rise to the top at West Ham

Looking past any perceptions or biases, the answer boils down to footballing efficacy. Bowen has showcased his effectiveness consistently, exhibiting qualities crucial for success. While Benrahma may possess superior skill in terms of ball manipulation and trickery, Bowen’s efficiency in crucial skills like finishing and quick shooting is undeniable.

It’s worth noting that both players have been successful signings to varying degrees. It’s also fitting that the pair were responsible for West Ham’s goals in the Conference League final.

However, considering their trajectories and potential values in the transfer market, it’s evident that Bowen has proven to be more valuable. If a hypothetical situation arose where both players were put up for sale, it’s likely that Bowen would command a significantly higher transfer fee compared to Benrahma. This isn’t a reflection of Benrahma’s abilities, but rather an acknowledgment of Bowen’s incredible growth and performance.

Bowen moves to new heights

Watching Bowen’s recent performance, especially his goal in the Sheffield United match, one can’t help but marvel at his efficient and lethal approach. He has honed his finishing technique to near perfection, making him a formidable presence on the pitch. Bowen’s ability to single-handedly influence and change the game has elevated his status in the team and among fans.

The recent leak about stalled contract talks with Bowen is a cause for concern. It’s essential for West Ham to secure his long-term commitment by offering a contract that reflects his value and contribution. As he continues to establish himself as one of the best players in the Premier League, failing to act promptly could prove costly for the club.

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