Scamacca ruins the Jurgen Klopp show


Gianluca Scamacca delivered a stunning performance against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool last night in their Europa League quarter-final against Atalanta. The game finished Liverpool 3-0 Atalanta in a result which could have implications for the number of Premier League European spots.

The former West Ham striker scored twice and set up the third goal for Atalanta. Scamacca, who now boasts five goals in his last five matches across all competitions, was overlooked by Luciano Spalletti for the most recent Italian national team squad, despite a clear need for options at centre-forward.

It was a remarkable display from a player of undeniable talent, who is finally hitting his stride after a challenging year in East London.

Gianluca Scamacca and Michail Antonio

Scamacca and Antonio had two very different Europa semi finals

For Liverpool, this result was a major setback. With Klopp announcing his departure from Anfield at the end of the season, expectations were high for a dominant performance throughout the competition. Let’s be honest, it’s felt as if the Liverpool manager has been leading his own leaving party via the media in recent weeks. I think many assumed that Liverpool would sweep all before them as part of the German’s send-off from Merseyside.

As for Scamacca, it’s pleasing to see him succeed. His struggles at West Ham were more a mismatch with David Moyes’ style of play than a reflection of his abilities.

Like West Ham, Liverpool now faces a significant challenge to overcome this deficit and advance to the semi-finals.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    “The game finished Liverpool 3-0 Atalanta” Sorry Gonzo, but it was Liverpool 0-3 Atalanta!

    I agree with you about Scamacca regarding his struggles at West Ham being more a mismatch with David Moyes’ style of play than a reflection of his abilities. And how many other players that have been brought into the squad have had the same problem with his style of play? Furthermore, how many in our squad will want out because of Moyes’ style of play!

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