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Shameful media bias as Irons brush Man U aside

ClaretandHugh Facebook Group admin CAROL COMBES has got the hump after a shockingly biased approach to our win over Man United. And here she lets rip reminding the ‘papers and Sky that there were two teams were involved at the London Stadium yesterday.

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By Carol Combes


Apparently, there was a game of football on Sunday…. It MIGHT even have been played at the London Stadium!

Despite the fact that it is usual for there to be two opposing teams  be involved involved in a game of football, this match appears to be different as far as the media is concerned. 

If you weren’t able to be there you might doubt that and were tare looking for the Irons contribution to the game. 

A quick browse would perhaps have some believing that only Manchester United turned up! The first game of football ever where only one team was involved!


Report after report only seem interested in their problems rather than a comprehensive performance and two great goals from our lads.

Sadly, the media’s obsessive, love-in with this club doesn’t just stay with the newspapers. It seemingly stretches to Sky whose coverage was shameful.

We had G Neville (ex Man United) Jose Mourinho (ex Man United) and Roy Keane ( ex Man United) plus the inevitable Souness.

There wasn’t a West Ham face in sight as the three of them blathered on about a very poor side’s decline and probable fall.

The seemingly always anti Irons Neville was just dreadful. If  he mentioned Rashford once, he did so a hundred times! 


How he is able to commentate on Man U games is beyond belief-it’s always slanted to ‘his’ team. This, when Tony Cottee has said Sky don’t allow him to cover West Ham games!

Memo to British media: Not not all of the country love Man U, so do your jobs properly and present balanced views-and remember there are always TWO teams in a football match!

WHO CARES? We beat Man U (again!) 2-0 so suck it up United freaks and a truly biased media!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

34 comments on “Shameful media bias as Irons brush Man U aside

  1. this is good, just let us cruise along under the radar. keeps the pressure off and we can all enjoy a good run without drawing extra pressure.

    • Too true. Neville must have mentioned the fact that United had spent £900 million and look at what they are left with about 10 times. Still at least they wont pinch any West Ham players. They arent good enough to play for United!!!!!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. In the hour long build up before KO – apart from the team news immediately at the start of the programme – all they talked about was the Chelsea v Liverpool game to be screened afterwards and Man United’s problems and young players. West Ham didn’t even get a mention until 5 mins before KO when Pellegrini was interviewed.

  3. HEAR HEAR!!

  4. Well said. Totally agree.

    • I totally agree with you 100% as you said two teams were on the pitch yesterday and as for the biased views of Neville he needs to take off his Man U vision glasses and look at the game properly he is a total waste of space and oxygen .
      But hopefully next time we are on sky maybe the panel of “experts ” will inclue TC and Tony Gale for an unbiased viewpoint

  5. It doesn’t end there. Garth Crooks has named Mark Noble in his team of the week and then doesn’t mention him in his write up, only how bad Man U were!

    • What is the matter with you lot? Who cares???!!!

      To be honest we were below average and still won comfortably, which does actually say more about Manu than us.

      Move on, nothing to see here.

  6. I too, noticed the one eyed Sky coverage of the game How many times did they mention the casualty list?I seem to remember that last year, when we beat them again, we had more players out than we had fit , and for a great deal of the season.
    SKY -pull your finger out and PLEASE PLEASE try and give us an unbiased coverage not one concentrating solely on one team .
    I LIVE IN HOPE!!!!

  7. The sad thing is it will fall on deaf ears and Sky will do the same thing over and over again.

  8. Truly did you expect anything else ? Third richest club in the world but broke due to glaziers borrowing others money not there own, nice guy sol in charge but wouldn’t get a job anywhere else in the premier if honest. Been never again a top club since fergie best manager ever for manure retired. Now it’s city’s turn with the best coach in football and tactically superior to anyone else as his cv shows.As for my team the hammers we didn’t get out of second gear really but still cruised to the win with three major injured players not playing and as for pundits well Keane hated by most Neville allowed but cottee Not? All ex manure people and let’s just celebrate our win against a declining manure deep in the stuff of their own name

  9. I have cancelled Sky for this very reason….. It’s not just Football it’s all of there FAKE NEWS COVERAGE….. PIE IN THE SKY NEWS😂

  10. It’s not just Sky. BBC sport had the following-
    Arsenal beat Villa
    Liverpool beat Chelsea
    Man Utd lose to West Ham !!!

    • …. and so was the ref. Frustrating to see how many throw-ins went to Manu, despite appeals to the contrary. So many shirt pulling especially 2 possible penalty appeals on Haller totally ignored by the ref – not even a Var referral … with ecommentator saying just an honest coming together of players …. oh really ????

  11. It was all about Man Utd and how badly they performed and Thier Injury list . Apparently Man Utd lost because they beat themselves whilst West Ham United waited in the changing rooms for the result . If memory serves Man Utd played an awful game in the same fixture last season as well when we had nine players out with injury . This is wonderful news for West Ham , if we don’t turn up maybe we will be granted the League Championship . I watched the game on Sky and the Man Utd bias was deafening .
    At least Gary Neville gave MOTM to Noble . I did think for a moment it might go to James.

  12. I have been saying this for years , my poor wife has had to put up with me saying exactly the same , and now at last other people are voicing this” one sided bias” by the media . Today not one paper said “well done west ham” or similar, but all said “poor show MU” or “what’s wrong at MU” etc what about COYI !!!

  13. The Manchester based BBC are embarrassingly biased towards MU, everyday there will be three or four pieces along with their hys on them.
    Today the match report has gone & instead you get ‘poor old Ole but feeling positive’ & ‘Rashford is injured’.
    Every game lost & they go into melt down, the BBC are meant to be impartial on all fronts. I think that memo might have been miss-filed

  14. Just shows Manure can’t even beat themselves. If only one team showed up.

    • The reality was were we poor but made them look even worse. Beaten fair and square. Us West Ham fans know what really happened. We beat them end of. Next game please.

  15. West Ham United have never been welcomed in the media.
    Only to us, will West Ham be this great team and club.
    United will always be verbally talked about by bias so called experts.

  16. This type of behaviour also extended to BBC radio Five live at Pat Nevin..Apparently it’s not OGS at all but because of a bad team…the conversation revolved around Man Utd team and decline since SAF departure….Appalling. I hope my beloved WHUFC can keep this up all season and then the media will be forced to recognise the turning of tide at this historic old club.

  17. I think your last comment, sums up my feeling about your point… WHO CARES!

  18. Can’t agree more.

    But if you watched BBC Match of the Day 2, they actually showed Rashford laying on the floor injured, and him going off – rather than us playing football.

  19. Pleased I’m not the only one thinking why was Gary Neville co-commentating on that game. Gary Neville impartial – my arse! We’ll do it under the radar. COYI!

  20. It got so bad , Neville, like a sulking schoolboy, had to have something negative to say about West Ham. He turned on the London Stadium- not like the Upton Park atmosphere was his rant. Well we beat you at the London Stadium yesterday. So Garry put your dummy back in , get used to it and grow up!

  21. It did incense me somewhat when all Sky were banging about was that state of Man Utd and left no room for accolades to how well West Ham played, but to be fair Roy Keene did pay one small tribute to Rice and Noble saying something on the lines of them bossing the midfield yesterday and that they were excellent. But on the other hand, I think I prefer it when very little is said about us while do our thing under the radar.

  22. The Hammers sit well in the league at present, they must continue to improve and become even more resilient for greater tests ahead and it is not totally against the realms of probabilities or possibilities for this major football club to win the league and then these biased, expedient so called commentators will have to change their tune

  23. The press are only interested in the hammers if the fans kick off or throw their rattles out the pram. Now and then. Or how we got the stadium for nought. Never anything about the football etc. Everyweek our game is the last to be shown on scratch of the day. Even if we were to win a title or cup etc They say it was a one off fluke etc. Bought time the old hacks living in the past were retired and replaced with people who are the here a now for football , No the bunch of has beens

  24. You could also mention Neville’s outrage at the tackle that saw him booked. The ex Utd legend would have had him hanged drawn and quartered and then sent off.
    But who cares? We won.
    The poor performance of the pundits makes me so glad to be a season ticket holder and not to have to listen to their drivel

  25. I think it’s a good thing. The fact that West Ham gets no credit should serve as motivation to them. Use it guys!

  26. I thought Neville’s comment about “Rice COMING to Manchester United for £70-80m” speculation was quite inappropriate in the circumstances. He really should be excluded from co-commentating HIS team’s matches. It’s absurd.

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