Slav has no answers!

bilicSlaven Bilic admits he has no answer to the refereeing controversies that have disfigured our season.

Although he declares himself ” a friend of new technology” he says: “It has to be low profile. The game needs to flow. It is hard for the officials now.”

Speaking to the Evening Standard he said: “Take the Champions League match involving Wolfsburg and Real Madrid on Wednesday. Early in the match, Gareth Bale went down and the penalty appeal was turned down. Shortly afterwards, Wolfsburg were awarded a penalty for a foul on Andre Schurrle.

The first time I watched both incidents, I said: “No penalty for Real Madrid, yes for Wolfsburg.” When I watched it again, I thought, definitely a penalty for Bale but not for Schurrle!

Everything should be done to ease the situation for referees but how  you do it, I don’t know.”


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4 comments on “Slav has no answers!

  1. Bad decisions now are so important it’s got to be like Rugby where the ref can look at the situation again also a system of challenges say 2 in each half for the managers should be introduced,the same as tennis,
    I know people will say it will slow the game down but it can’t be any worse the every game in the last 20 minutes where subs are used to break the game up,
    No subs unless serious injuries in the last 7 minutes would stop that,
    4 linesmen 2 on each side would be better as well would not go a miss
    There’s enough money in the game now
    It’s got to be better then what’s happening now,

  2. The thing is people say the technology might hold up play but it will hold up play no longer than when players surround referees for minutes complaining,ask the ref to go to the linesman then gob off so much the ref ends up making bookings,lol.Sometimes a game stops for a couple of minutes while all this crap goes on anyway.

  3. ROBOT REFS .. ive been saying it for years but the powers that be never listen

  4. I remember years ago Chris Coleman when he was at Fulham stated he had a laptop in the dugout with the game on it that he could see instant replays so why with contentious issues such as sending off’s and penalties do we not have a panel of say 3 watching it in real time then camera angles and tell the ref in his ear piece. That could be done in seconds. As was shown with Kouyates sending off these refs are so quick to act before thinking about the incident it is an instant reaction. It takes longer for a ref to consult a linesman with a worse view of most incidents than a panel watching it on screen would take.
    I don’t want to keep ref bashing but I don’t ever remember a season where we were on the end of so many bad decisions that have cost us so many points. It just seems the inconsistency of these decisions are making me think more and more it is deliberate as opposed to just an error. Which can be made by anyone but not error after error against the same team.

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