Steidten The Biggest Loser in Transfer Collapse

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Call me old fashioned, but I can’t quite bring myself to be too upset about missing out on Luis Guilherme, having never seen the youngster play football. The Brazilian starlet may well have all the potential in the world, but at this moment, our failure to sign Cole Palmer from Manchester City is far more of an annoyance for me.

However, Tim Steidten may not feel the same way about another transfer collapse. Last January, West Ham’s director of football was thwarted in his pursuit of Ibrahim Osman following suggestions that West Ham had been dealing with the wrong agent.

Since then, Steidten has made multiple trips to Brazil to scout a trio of players, none of whom West Ham have signed. Wesley, Bruno, and now Guilherme have slipped through the net for a couple of reasons, depending on which website you read.

Some suggest the players have received better offers from Saudi Arabia, whilst others blame David Sullivan‘s reluctance to splash out on unproven players.

Whatever the truth, the Brazilian experiment looks like it’s turning into a bit of an embarrassment for Steidten, who until yesterday looked like the cat who got the cream. West Ham really must sign a Brazilian player to validate Steidten’s numerous trips to South America; otherwise, the whole exercise has been a complete waste of time and money.

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  • Anon says:

    Sullivan strikes

    • The Demon says:

      It might help if you wait until the transfer window at least opens before passing comment.

      There’s still plenty of time for ‘on, off, yes, no, maybe’ stories before the big day.

      You might have web pages to fill, but try not to fill them all with ********, eh, lads?

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    If it is Sullivan then it is as shameful as it is predictable. Stop the gossip, tell us the facts please.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Sullivan won’t make it easy Steidten to bring in new players if Sullivan doesn’t rate them for what ever the reason mostly he doesn’t like to pay Steidten was brought in to oversee transfers so Sullivan should let him get on with it no one wants to pay over the odds but Sullivan thinks he knows best if he’s not going to trust Steidten then why is he here Sullivan needs to keep his nose out and let Steidten do his job he will always get the best deal he can and that’s better than most

  • Mike says:

    Mate you couldn’t wait to have a moan about Tim
    Let’s guess who is next for a gonzo moan

  • kcockayne says:

    I understand your “mission” to bring us up to date & keep us informed about all of the transfer rumours; but don’t you think it is a bit counter-productive ? These disappointing developments surely happened over the years “behind the scenes”, & we never got to know whom we had managed not to sign, when it was all but confirmed that we had signed them ! I think that , instead of reading about every man & his dog whom West Ham are trying to sign, I would be far happier discovering whom we actually HAD signed. As things are developing, we are apparently missing out on one player after another. Apart from being apparently, disappointing, it occurs to me that the supporters’ pressure for new signings threatens to lead to an air of potential panic & desperation on the part of the recruitment team.

  • Andy ⚒ says:

    Circus is back in town

  • ResultsMatter says:

    On a serious note, some clubs have very good scouting and negotiating departments, so they find good bargains. Other clubs are hopeless. Either way, you need cash and a clear vision of the types of players you need.

    Using a bit of humor, according to the Spanish site Mundo Deportivo, using the artificial intelligence programme Chat GPT, they asked which player Barcelona should buy for a certain position and the software recommended Kimmich, from Bayern. 😉

  • tim says:

    david sullivan = gods gift to football. as much as i enjoy c&h there’s an old theory that if you creat a department it will creat it’s own work.

  • Paul Whitehead says:

    To be linked strongly to these potential Brazilian superstars is a step in the right direction, even if they are distracted by Saudi millions. Doing the right thing is never a bad decision, but let’s leave the comedic gloating of failure to the opposition.

  • Peter loveday says:

    Steidten as spent more money flying back and forwards to Brazil .
    With the same old story. No one?

  • Jeff says:

    Flying to and from Brazil is nothing to what has been lost on anderson,Ings,haller.and scamacca.
    Sullivan thinks he knows best buthe holds purse strings.

  • Pesky says:

    It’s way to early to be having all this guesswork.
    As a lifelong hammer I’m fed up of hearing who we’re trying to sign.
    Social media just makes it a joke as people will write anything just to be writing something.
    We may have another poor transfer window, but at least wait and see.

  • Whistler says:

    Why are the knives always out for us.
    Everybody wants to run us down and criticise every move we make.
    Even the pundits like Shearer,Neville and Lineker have been involved.
    The stories that have appeared over the past 14 day are mainly untrue and I wish Sullivan could sue the lot of them as some people will say anything to make a buck or try to become the centre of attention and the majority seems to be aimed at us.

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