David Sullivan

Sullivan hints at Hammers future


Sullivan hints at Hammers future

David Sullivan’s relaxed stance regarding the future of the Gold family shares conveyed a significant message. Whilst I am quite certain that the West Ham board are aware of the intended destination for the available shares, Sullivan’s statement to Claret and Hugh was intriguing. It reflected a calm and composed demeanour, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

The deadline for the ’embarrassment clause’ related to the club’s sale has long since passed. Following the lease agreement for the London Stadium, any sale of the club before the clause’s expiration would have seen a percentage of the sale profits going to the government/LLDC. Many had speculated that this might prompt the current ownership’s departure, but it hasn’t materialised. One get’s the inkling they’re here to stay.

Sullivan hints at Hammers future

I have the impression that David Sullivan is genuinely enjoying his life and his role at West Ham. Perhaps the team’s success in winning a trophy last season has revitalised his enthusiasm?

However, I believe that the appointment of Football Director Tim Steidten has provided him with even more reason to continue as the Hammers Chairman. There’s a clear and purposeful direction for the club under Steidten’s leadership, and I can fully understand why this might be appealing to Sullivan. It will of course require a full delegation of football affairs to Steidten, whose influence is clearly growing.

Sullivan hinted that he may or may not exercise his option to acquire additional shares but also emphasised his satisfaction with the current ownership structure. These are not the words of someone who appears poised to depart.

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