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The Academy of Football? Not at the moment

The Academy of Football loses another starĀ 

So, West Ham appears to be close to losing another academy graduate due to a contract stalemate. Let’s be fair, it’s not the first time this has happened.

The club famously took the best part of 18 months to negotiate a deal with Declan Rice. The story coming from the Rice camp at the time seemed to suggest that the club hierarchy undervalued the player who was to go on and become captain.

It’s a similar tale with Ben Johnson, who has been looking for pay parity with some of his fellow squad members. Johnson is not thought to be seeking a pay packet in line with the top earners; however, he wants the going rate and the chance to play.

The Academy of Football looks like losing Divin Mubama

The Academy of Football: Noble & Mubama during happier days

It’s difficult not to think that West Ham is incredibly poor at doing this stuff. Personally, I don’t know if Mubama will be good, bad, or indifferent, but he’s never really had the chance. There have been fleeting glimpses here and there but never consecutive starts or the chance to play with the best players alongside him.

Perhaps he will go on to be another Sonny Perkins or Harrison Ashby, in which case the club will look to have made a sage decision. However, with a bit more of a first-team chance, he may have attracted a Championship club and become a Grady Diangana. Unfortunately, our inability to negotiate successfully means he’ll leave for free or a nominal fee.

Personally, I hope he does well for himself; I’ve always liked him and he deserves the chance to play football.


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