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VAR Delays Set to Drag On

VAR delays set to drag on as decisions take increasingly more time


Hold onto your hats, Hammers fans, because VAR isn’t going anywhere fast, and neither are those agonisingly long video review delays. Despite the recent controversy surrounding the six-minute VAR check in the Aston Villa vs. West Ham match, the Daily Mail reports that lawmakers have no plans to impose time limits on these reviews.

This news is sure to leave a sour taste in the mouths of West Ham fans and many others who have grown increasingly frustrated with the disruptive nature of lengthy VAR checks. Here’s why the current system is causing a stir:

Chopped Up Matches: VAR reviews can feel like an eternity, grinding the game to a halt and killing the momentum that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.
Momentum Mayhem: A well-timed goal or a crucial tackle can completely shift the course of a match. Extensive VAR delays can disrupt this natural flow, potentially robbing a team of a well-deserved advantage.

VAR Delays Set to Drag On

VAR Delays Set to Drag On

Transparency in the Stands? Not Quite: Without time constraints, fans are left in the dark, unsure of what’s happening or how long they’ll be waiting. This lack of transparency breeds suspicion and frustration about the fairness of the eventual decision.

Referee Roulette

Referees already face immense pressure during matches. The added stress of managing open-ended VAR reviews isn’t exactly helping matters. Setting clear time limits could take some of the weight off their shoulders and potentially lead to better overall officiating.

The call for clear time limits on VAR checks is growing louder by the day.  While VAR’s aim is to improve officiating accuracy, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the game’s entertainment value or fan experience.  Finding a way to streamline the process and ensure timely decisions is crucial for the future of VAR and, more importantly, for the beautiful game itself

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