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What has happened to Paqueta?

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What has happened to Lucas Paqueta at West Ham United during the last four games? His usual high performance levels have dropped off at an alarming rate, precisely when West Ham and manager David Moyes need their superstar players to stand up and perform. Paqueta has been next to useless.

His performance today against Liverpool was pathetic; at times, it seemed as if West Ham were playing with 10 men. Whilst the likes of Jarrod Bowen and Mohammed Kudus displayed urgency and endeavour to push the team forward, the Brazilian playmaker seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else other than the London Stadium.

Paqueta couldn’t have chosen a worse time to display a poor attitude towards his teammates and Hammers fans. Not only has it impacted West Ham’s chance of achieving European football for a record fourth consecutive season, but it has also undermined his chances of securing the big money transfer he so desperately wants.

Earlier in the season, I marvelled at Paqueta’s ability to perform brilliantly on the football pitch and ignore outside influences such as his gambling investigation. Unfortunately, what we now see is a shadow of the footballer that West Ham signed, and almost anybody could do a better job than Paqueta during the last four games.

Call me a cynic, but I’m sure he’ll lift his performances just in time for West Ham’s trip to Manchester City. However, I can’t help but feel let down by his performances when we’ve most needed him.

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  • Hammerpete6 says:

    He’s playing like he doesn’t want to be here. Whether that’s the Man City thing or Moyes tactics, either way not good. But then Moyes should drop him as he’s off performance, but he won’t ever do that.

  • Frank Reed says:

    Agree, did very little going forward and nothing when we didn’t have the ball. These so called fans sites are very quick to blame the manager, but surely every game whoever plays should be playing for the shirt and really Paqueta in general is becoming a bit of an embarrassment, gives the ball away more times than he falls over unchallenged, on another day would have got sent off. May look a world beater with his wealth of skill in training but David Moyes must be looking at him in a different light just lately, he has let West Ham big time recently

    • Ess_Bee says:

      With the amount of money he’s getting he should be busting his balls in every game! That’s something that really irks me.

  • Kevin Waylen says:

    I totally agree ! Let’s take the £85m and buy Summerville and Gibbs white as replacements with the money COYI

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Paqueta can and should do better than his recent performances he can turn a game in a second and maybe the only thing that he does in a game but it’s enough to make the difference which is mostly what he does do so something is not right with him he is probably dreaming of his big money move to Man City and has lost interest in being a hammer till the season ends

  • Ray Stewart’s Right Peg says:

    Personally, I’ve always felt he’s been a tad overrated. For the odd moments of genius there’s been just as much (if not more) petulance, sulking, play acting, giving the ball away cheaply in and around our own box and general lack of enthusiasm.

    It’s no coincidence we played far better without him against Leverkusen.

    Due to his poor attitude in recent games we’ve struggled centrally to link midfield and attackers, leaving midfield gaps because he’s just drifting about.

    Bench him for rest of season and sell in summer.

  • Frank Reed says:

    If Kudas, Bowen, Alvarez were doing the same thing and we would be out with the washing. Paqueta is a dodgemont, those 3 give their all to their ability every game and what about Antonio, still trying after all these years. I’m no big fan of DM but I think recently he has been exposed in the more important game’s because of a small squad of the right players who will give it all for the club. Time rolls on and a rebuild is obviously needed within our financial boundaries

    • Simon says:

      My question exactly.
      What has happened to Paqueta?
      He was non existent again today. Does not want to tackle. Does not make himself available for the ball.
      Exactly the kind of attitude and performance no team can afford.
      This matter must be resolved asap, or sorry … Paqueta must be left out of the remaining premier matches !!!
      Nobody is greater than the sport or the club that pays his wages.

  • Gilo says:

    Drop him for City. We have nothing to lose. He has everything to gain

  • David Murray says:

    Just a thought as it is near end of season and Man City have said they don’t want to pay the £85m do you think he is play acting to bring down his price? We then sell on cheap and he gets his move?

  • Mike Holdsworth says:

    If he played like this man city or Liverpool arsenal Tottenham he would have been benched 4 weeks ago.why do we put up with this at west ham.disrespects his team mates.who put in a good days work.

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