Vile Stoke chants aimed at Mooro


StokeStoke City fans made vile chants at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday which bought the memory of Hammers Legend Bobby Moore into disrepute on the eve of what would of been his 74th birthday.

Several West Ham fans in Sir Trevor Brooking lower and East stand close to the away fans heard a small section of the crowd singing “Jimmy Saville, he sh…ged Bobby Moore”

They also chanted “There`s only five of you English” which seemed to bemuse some West Ham fans, although presumably it is a reference to the amount of foreign players we fielded on Saturday.

One Stoke fan took to Iain Dale’s West Ham Till Die.com this morning saying “As a Stoke City fan I am ashamed at the behaviour and totally unacceptable chanting from a few of the away supporters on Saturday.

“I shook my head in disbelief at some of the comments. All football clubs have a small minority of β€œfans” who seem intent on embarrassing the good name of their club and each and everyone of the true football supporters that follow it.

“Most of the comments on our own fanzine, agree that such behaviour has no place in society I believe that Stoke City are investigating the incident and as difficult as it can be, hopefully can identify those involved.

A big concern is the number of supporters who then decide to sing along without even realising how offensive the words are.Your club and fans were very welcoming”

Many fans on the Stoke City Fanzine “The Oatcake” message board also called their own fans “embarrassing.”

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  • bubs says:

    May be I’m stupid but I don’t understand how the chant is connected ?
    A load of inbred confused social scrounges who got enough money off the state to bring them to the Capital of our country ( not sure it there’s or they would not rubbish a national hero )
    They were released form there mental homes for the day ( probably the Saville connection)
    And confused and bewildered were allowed into the home of football,
    I hope they were returned to there saftey and medication me our taxes will look after them for the rest of there sad lives
    Sorry lowered myself to there standards
    Never met a inbred potteries supporter but they proberly ant all Twxts
    Back to the future BFS OUT

    • meltonjohn says:

      As a Stoke season ticket holder and supporter for more than 50 years I saw the great Bobby Moore play many times for you guys (and also for Fulham!). The vast majority of true supporters recognise him as a true great and will not let the moronic chanting/retarded juvenile humour of a few so called Stoke fans besmirch his name.
      Pity several of your posters sink to their level with their comments about Stoke mind….

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    The world is full of fools; there are players who deserve respect regardless the team they belong. Moore is one of these. He’s a national symbol, offending him they offend their nation. That is very regrettable. I just want to say one thing: I’m Italian, worst things have happened in our stadiums; the attitude inside your stadiums is an example for us. You are always close to your team, for better or for worse, in victory and defeat. This is why I like your football, unfortunately there will always be idiots without respect.

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Yeah there might have been a lot who found it embaressing but also a lot on their site using it as an excuse to slag us & think it is fine to sing it.We are no saints,far from it infact in some cases.But the majority of us know when not to cross a line.

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    There is one guy on their site needs a serious slapping,lol πŸ˜€

  • bubs says:

    The problem like many moons ago they sit in there homes and quiver when our clubs name came up they never travelled away and shat thereselves when we went to there grounds,
    Years of having fun traveling to away grounds round the country you learn who to respect and these clowns were never one of them,
    Long live respect to our hero and this countries,
    Stingray he is probably at his bedsit now playing with his self reading his blog and wondering how he got the spelling right,

  • Dainon17 says:

    I was right next to the Stoke fans & they sang the Jimmy Saville song 3 times, the first time just a few people joined in but the other two times it was alot louder and many more of them joined in. Personally I don’t get offended/upset by a bit of singing at a game of football but i guess its not really on in todays climate

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    This is the tool Bubs,what a kn*bhead πŸ˜‰
    As a 25 year old born and bred stoke fan I have to say that it is nothing more than banter. Its a different generation now and that is our sense of humor. Try single me out but even the amount of abuse we give each other as friends alone is more offensive that what’s being cried over here. I didn’t start the songs but I LOVED the west ham reaction. Seriously avoid a warehouse job in stoke if you were offended at the game

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    He can come find another ‘reaction from the west ham fans’ next time he is down this way if he wants,lol, πŸ˜‰

  • bubs says:

    A warehouse in Stoke must be for there trophies and a spot for BFS FIRST ONE.
    must be great to sit at 25 and watch your manager run across green grass and hug your goal keeper now you could make up a song about that,
    Was that 25 years and 8 months to the day when inbred Stoke born fans was produced ?
    That’s what happens when families get together drink to much and forget the contreptives,
    What is it they do in Stoke now they don’t make pots and plates ?
    What a day out leave the special needs home travel to the home of football with out fear of being abused for 2 hours,eat proper food not through a straw,
    Watch a team with great adventurous, attacking,skilful team ( on the coach coming ) then watch us (shame ) bit like electric shock treatment,
    Back to the warehouse ( that’s what he calls it ) the national health have strange names in Stoke since they gave Mr Saville freedom to play with there Stoke supporters,
    Bet he can’t wait to become 26 ( what a future ) bit like waiting for BFS TO LEAVE,
    Each week I watch us play under BFS is a bit like Jim Fixed it for me

    • essexclarets says:

      Saville was a sick c##t & his name has no place on a respected site like this. What he did was unspeakable. No one should take his name in jest. I wouldn’t even waste my **** on his grave. No one deserved what he did to them.
      let any of those stoke ‘fans’ who sung that come down here again & not hide behind the stewards. Give them a real east end welcome. See if they like that reaction.. or better still let the real stoke fans take care of their own scum.

  • Bob Stevens says:

    Ooohh let’s face it we can always give it back when it comes to chants. It’s all part of the game, always has been. The day that I ever get offended by a chant is the day I give up my season ticket… Which will probably be the day I die.

    Anyone who gets offended by songs & chants need to get their head tested. This whole PC thing has got SO out of hand… Grow a pair of ********!

  • essexclarets says:

    If you have had a close family member who has suffered from vile creatures like him, you would not dismiss it as only a chant.. it is not a point of growing a pair, it distroys lives.

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Some people just dont get it.I dont even want to hear that b*stards name mentioned.He doesnt deserve to even be remembered,whether in what is percieved to be ‘humourous’ chanting or not.Im sure people affected by him or others like him understand why the scum doesnt deserve to still have a place in peoples minds or the public domain.He deserves to rot in hell,not be used as a tool to bait opposition fans!! I guess Bob just has thick skin,is thick or is Savilles love child.

  • bubs says:

    Funny is it not Bob every time we sing anything it’s head story for days on the back and front pages and the club gets fined ?
    But how little has been made of this,I still don’t understand why a club with connections to the sicko would want to mention his name,
    But what did the Moore family do to Stoke to deserve that ?
    As for growing a pair maybe your not fussy where some people put theirs BOB ,
    Let’s hope the crowd never find out who you and your family are and get a bit adventurous with there song singing
    StingRay well said

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