Ward-Prowse: A Potential Weapon Against Chelsea

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On this coming Sunday, the Irons aim to repeat their August victory over Chelsea, and James Ward-Prowse could be a critical factor in their strategy.

In their first meeting this season, West Ham secured a 3-1 win against Chelsea. Ward-Prowse played a pivotal role, contributing two assists from set pieces that exposed weaknesses in Chelsea’s defense.

Despite his prior success against Chelsea, Ward-Prowse was benched for the recent match against Liverpool. Although he did come on in the latter stages of the game.

Jurgen Klopp’s pre-season praise of Ward-Prowse as a “super-smart signing” holds even more weight now. Ward-Prowse’s ability to control the midfield and create scoring opportunities is a valuable asset for any team.

The upcoming Chelsea match presents Ward-Prowse with a chance to showcase his talent. His brief substitute appearance against Liverpool, where he maintained a 90% pass accuracy and created a scoring chance, suggests he can make a significant impact.

Ward-Prowse’s statistics are impressive. He boasts a season average of 90% passing accuracy and ranks highly for assists among midfielders in Europe’s top leagues.

West Ham has the potential to exploit Chelsea’s tendency to concede fouls. With Ward-Prowse’s expertise in dead-ball situations (leading the Premier League in this category), West Ham could find a path to goals.

Ward-Prowse’s talent and skillset could prove to be the key to unlocking Chelsea’s defence. His inclusion in the starting lineup could be a game-changer for West Ham as they chase a league double. The decision ultimately lies with David Moyes: will he unleash Ward-Prowse’s set-piece threat against Chelsea?

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