West Ham delay could prove costly

The Hammers often operate in transfer windows as if they enjoy the luxury of time. However, news of a West Ham delay in the pursuit of Harvey Barnes could be ill advised.

According to reports yesterday, The Irons will wait until the Declan Rice cash has been banked before making a move. The is not only a risky strategy but extremely presumptuous.

West Ham delay could prove costly in the pursuit of Harvey Barnes

It presumes that no other club will bid for Barnes in the time it takes to sell Rice. Surely somebody at the club can see the flaws in this plan . . . . I certainly hope so.

The strategy is so poor that I can only assume one of two things to be true. Either we’re not chasing Barnes or he’s already made a pledge to join.

Personally I believe it’s foolish to purchase anyone before a director of football is appointed. However the delay in appointing the new footballing overlord presents issues itself.

Why have West Ham waited until a transfer window is active before commencing a search? Once again there it’s another example of the Hammers terrible timing. Surely a director of football should be appointed BEFORE the window so he’s in place to start quickly.

Quite why West Ham give these advantages to our rivals is a complete mystery. The ‘wait and see’ model is a well trodden path for the club but we’re operating under restrictions of our own making.

I’m not overly panicking about a transfer window which is in its infancy. But if we are seriously interested in signing Harvey Barnes from Leicester we’d better get a wriggle on.

If any other club is seriously interested in the player they’ll just buy him.


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