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West Ham Playing a Dangerous Game with Lopetegui

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West Ham are playing a dangerous game given the recent past of Julen Lopetegui.

Whilst most (myself included) would consider the inflated £45 transfer valuation for Max Kilman to be too much, the West Ham hierarchy would do well to push the boat out on this particular transfer.

For context, it’s worth noting that Lopetegui left Wolverhampton Wanderers because he didn’t receive full support from the board in the transfer market. It is of course early days for the new head coach at West Ham, we probably need to demonstrate that as a club, we can sign at least one of his transfer targets.

Aleix Garcia was understood to be the Spaniard’s number one midfield target, but unfortunately, and understandably, the club lost out to Bayer Leverkusen for his signature.

Tim Steidten has been mandated with overhauling an aging West Ham squad and has done well with the recruitment of Louis Guilherme from Brazil. However, as much promise as the young wonderkid has, he is unlikely to be the established star that Lopetegui wished for.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important that West Ham demonstrate in the transfer market that they can support the new boss. That may well mean the club has to pay over the odds for Max Kilman, but if that’s who Lopetegui has identified as his first choice and West Ham captain, we may have to pay more than we’re comfortable with.

Lopetegui has shown the capacity and inclination to leave a club if everything isn’t hunky-dory, and I have little doubt that he will be watching the club’s next moves very closely.

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    See ya loppy sully won’t spend again offering peanuts same old

  • Dean hodges says:

    He is way overpriced at that figure gonzo, wolves fans battered him at the back end of the season as his performances were considered poor, greaves would be a much better long term (new recruitment model) investment for us. I understand giving the manager a player he wants but there has to be limits I think. Cheers as always

    • Gonzo says:

      Yeah Dean, definitely seems pricey mate. I’m just worried about a Lop Strop 😬

      Thanks for reading mate

      • Dean hodges says:

        Cheers gonzo, I am a real fan of the new model but it seems we are playing the half and half game rather than committing to a DoF led approach to transfers. I understand the manager/coach needs to have input but ultimately the final say should be Tim steidtens, it just seems as though we can’t quite fully commit to that model for whatever reason.

        • Gonzo says:

          I think the problem would be if Sullivan starts having the final say.

          I think Tim should have control, I’m just pointing out that if Lopetegui doesn’t feel backed then he could ultimately walk.

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    Makes you wonder just how much we do have to spend this summer window? Having already spent £25 million on the wonder kid and now suggesting we spend the £45 million that Wolves are demanding only apparently leaves £30 million for the other 6 players we need in other areas. I think the £100 million that we’ve been told is what we have to spend is all a smoke screen. Fingers crossed and COYI

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan and part time Brady out

  • Tezzard says:

    If the head coach walks out because we don’t sign Kilman , (unless he was promised him prior)

    Bye bye , the director of football should be making the calls .

    That would effectively end his career
    it’s not as if he was first choice coach amongst fans anyway .

  • Deathblow says:

    Jesus, you talk such a load of twaddle.
    Shame this whole blog doesn’t take a break and stop spreading negativity and writing about the next bit of idiocy that enters your dipstick heads.
    It’s people like you who make the lemmings get angry. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD SAID ON HERE!

  • Ed Clark says:

    If Loloteghui walks away if he doesn’t get his precious Kilman there is an equally good coach available to take his place!

  • Mr Turd Polisher says:

    I totally disagree, Gonzo.
    I think that it’s incredibly important that the club tells him that he will get what they give him, nd that it will be down to Steidten to find them (whilst, of course, deferring to Dopey Lopey).

    That is the only way forward for the club to progress if they are to be successful.
    Stick to the effing model.

    UNFORTUNATELY, I strongly suspect Sullivan will bottle it by trying to appease Dopey Demanding Lopey.
    It probably won’t be enough for him, and he’ll leave, yet again, in a cloud of acrimony.
    (Which would, of course, be COMPLETELY to form)
    BUT ALSO, Steidten will decide he’s had enough of not being backed too.

    As soon as his stupid appointment was announced, I predicted it wouldn’t be long before Lopey would have a fall-out, and here are the opening salvos!…
    And Dopey Lopey’s contract hasn’t even officially started yet!

    Good on West Ham fans willing to support the Lopehead 👏… but the warning signs were ignored on this one.

  • SH says:

    What happened to you gonzo🙈 before you worked for this site you were good to listen too..now you are more like the sun newspaper full of silly nonsense and speculation

    • Gonzo says:

      This isn’t speculation, I’m saying that Lopetgui has walked before at Wolves because he didn’t get the players he wanted.

      Therefore, it’s important he gets a signing or two. It’s pure opinion.

      Incidentally . . . my first post on here was in 2019 so I’m not sure what era you’re referring to.

      • Scott says:

        Gonzo I disagree their. He signed up as a head coach therefore he knew what role he was signing up to. If where unable to get he’s targets he shouldn’t be fused about it due to he’s role. I’m sure whoever we bring it will be at a higher standard than what they had at Wolves. The fact he has top talents already at he’s disposal unlike Wolves I’m sure he’s staying regardless. Max Kilman at 45 million is a kick in the teeth and he’s so not worth that figure. Like I stated hes already got Paqueta,Bowen,Kudus players who would have dreamed about having at Wolves. I don’t see JLo going anywhere.

        • Nona Yorbiz says:

          Do you have any knowledge of the Wolves squad at all? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question, it’s obvious you have none whatsoever. ( “rhetorical “ look it up)
          Paqueta, Bowen and Kudus? Ait-Nouri, Neto and Cunha. All members of Lopetegui’s squad at Wolves and, maybe, better players than the 3 WH players you’ve quoted. Didn’t stop him leaving when he had his tantrum. And you seem to have forgotten the betting charges hanging over Paqueta. Found guilty and he could miss a substantial part of the season. Found innocent and WH will probably sell him. Either way, it’s unlikely he’ll be available to Lopetegui.
          As for Kilman, a player is worth whatever the buying club is prepared to pay. Was Rice really worth £100M?

        • Nona Yorbiz says:

          And as for a better squad at WH? Really?
          Areola/ Fabianski- Sa
          Johnson/ Coufal-Samedo
          Zouma- Dawson ( ha, ha)
          Mavrapanos- Toti Gomes
          Aguerd- Bueno
          Cresswell- Ait-Nouri
          Ward-Prowse- Joao Gomes
          Soucek- Lemina
          Bowen- Cunha
          Antonio/ Ings- Hwang
          You’ll probably want to rethink your outrageous claim about the respective squads.

  • Bonzo says:

    When Lopetegui came in the perception was that he was not a manager like Moyes but just the head coach and that Steidten would be calling the shots on transfers. So it’s going to depend on what Lopetegui was told or promised before he signed his contract. We would be stupid as a club if we promised him too much in the transfer market bearing in mind what happened at Wolves.

  • Morkus says:

    Its early days I would only really panic if lopey left and moyes was still available

  • Shafique Ismail says:

    Tim selects his targets brings this to s meeting they discuss players and then decide who to pursue J LO has his input obviously Tim has been monitoring players for various positions in the team these players do get snapped up before we get a look in but none the less we are recruiting

  • Ian says:

    So in one article it’s stated that we have only £60m transfer budget, a third of which has been spent on Guilherme, and in another it’s stated that we should now spend £45m to sign Kilman?
    Seems to me that no one knows what we have to spend. And that’s exactly how it should be. All speculation with zero facts to support it.

  • Dave -Colchester says:

    How strange that our new shareholder Daniel Kretinsky has enough money to buy Royal Mail. Billions! But West Ham still haggling over a few millions. Sullivan and Brady will eventually sell and live on private islands whilst West Ham keep treading water.

  • Malcolm Palmer says:

    Just hope all this talk about good player’s coming to west ham isn’t just talk as in previous years, last year being a bit of an exception, and we end up with a free transfer third choice goalie and an eighteen year old lad that we don’t know much about and last of the hasbeens.

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