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West Ham’s Transfer Kitty Just Shrunk

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West Ham fans who were anticipating a big transfer splash could be in for some very average news according to C&H’s Sean Whetstone.

Sean has been doing the number crunching on West Ham’s transfer business and has concluded that the Hammers have a meagre £60m to spend during the summer transfer window.

The recent departures of Kehrer to Monaco for £9.3 million and Trott to Copenhagen for £1.7 million have generated £11 million in transfer funds for this summer. These proceeds will supplement an existing budget of £60 million. With £19.5 million already allocated to the acquisition of Luis Guilherme, approximately £51.5 million remains available for further transfers.

Those are a sobering set of figures which certainly explains the club’s reluctance to go anywhere near the £45M valuation of Julen Lopetegui’s favourite, Max Kilman.

In fact, it’s difficult to see precisely where the club will get the necessary funds to complete the transfers of two central defenders and a striker with the scrapings from the bottom of a barrel.

Hopefully, Sean’s abacus is broken; otherwise, it will require some very serious wheeler-dealing from Tim Steidten.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Another load of negativity designed to get the morons complaining.
    You have no idea and neither does Whetstone. All this ‘close to people at West Ham’ is crap. Just spreading rubbish and being a mouthpiece for the slug and dame.
    We have a youth academy. If we have to use them so what? Or look for a Max Kilman where Wolves did.
    Buying overpriced mercenaries was part of our problems the last couple of seasons.

    • AD says:

      In fairness Sean has been saying £60m + player sales for ages but noone wants to listen and everyone has decided its £100m+

      I actually believe that’s what Sullivan has said and Sean hasnt been far out on last couple of windows. It’s probably why we haven’t done any deals since Guilherme cos we’re not willing to spend any money.

      If it is true and it wouldn’t surprise me, it’s a disgraceful budget when we made a net profit of around £20m in the last two windows, so we will be averaging £13m net on transfer fees over 3 windows.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      “another load of negativity designed to get the morons complaining”…well done then mate 🙄

    • Gonzo says:

      Three insults in a day is a bit much for me mate. You are far too angry my friend, it ain’t good for you.

      Honestly, if you can’t make your point without being rude why should we keeping your posts active?

      Read another website, you’ll hopefully enjoy it more.

  • Anon says:

    Useless Sullivan and part time brady

  • Mark J. says:

    Won’t be long before JL realises he’s been had by O’Sullivan and dumps us for a team with proper money to spend.

  • John Ayris says:

    Lets look at this logically. If the transfer budget was genuinely that small would we really have just spent as much as we did on Guilherme ?

    Of course not. There’s either more available or there’s sales planned.

  • Nigel B says:

    As above, no way we would spend £25m of £60m budget on an untested Brazilian and £30m+ on ONE CB knowing full well we need at least 7 players. Maybe they are counting on Aguard/Downes sale funds but that money would be swallowed up by one decent striker alone!
    Thats serious mismanagement or smoke and mirrors.

  • Ayrton-Jay says:

    I saw the headline and immediately thought my Mrs must have stuck ithe transfer budget in the washing machine.

  • SH says:

    If this was anybody else but Sean I might be worried but he gets 99.9% wrong, that’s why he is ridiculed on the podcast so often

    • Sir A says:

      What about the additional revenues that were made via Europe ? With TV money and ticket sales and improved commercials , are we saying that gave a 60 million base budget? We used to have a 50 mill base budget in seasons before the more recent successful forays into Europe and all this assumes zero inflation? We are 2nd or 3rd healthiest for FFP if Maguire is to be believed.

      And then there is the whole amortisation effect and wages which we have reduced before last season.

      60 million doesnt pass the “smell test” for me but time will tell

  • Phil latham says:

    This site has gone to the dogs, click bait negative drivel, nobody knows how much we’ve got especially you clowns

  • Kip says:

    Absolutely drivel …sorry that’s not right at all….what’s the point in 3 European campaigns ….the articles ate getting bad on here.

    Just negative and regurgitated stories from the net ….no real news …..bored with it

  • Ironman Sim says:

    I accept that £60m might be the “baseline” but I don’t believe that it is the ceiling. If you buy a young player and his value goes up in a year, or if you invest in the squad and there’s increased prize money (qualification for euro, cups) and sponsorships then nobody will hesitate to put in money. I feel the owners believe in Steidten and JL and realise a reboot is required.

  • Nicko says:

    Still to add is money from Aguerd, Zouma, Benrama and Downs.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    The fanbase will be after Sullivan. Like never before if this £60m figure is true . It’s an absolutely shocking lack of ambition even for some someone with zero ambition like dwarf has .

  • Ian says:

    I guess we’ll soon see what we have to spend. Would Lopetegui have joined if he knew there was such a meagre amount (by today’s standards) to invest in a squad that needs major changes in order to allow us to play in a different manner? Very doubtful. Let’s revisit this when the transfer window closes, and see how accurate this ‘information’ was.

    • Tim says:

      It’s way too late then, it’s now or never as the manager and the fans will not wait. Weeks are rolling by and the new players coming in are not happening! I cannot believe what I am reading and I cannot believe the fans will stand for this con. Being positive, RB Leipzig have a world class centre back coming to the end of his contract with Leipzig looking to sell for £12 mill. He has said he wants to play in the Prem so why are we not going after him?

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