West Ham pricing out veteran fans in pension move

By Simon Leyland

When you think of West Ham, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Moore, Peters and Hurst?

The Academy of Football?

The Chicken run?

Mooro, Brooking, Bonds and Di Canio?

Everybody`s second favourite team?

A Family club?

Well, sadly not anymore. There used to be a discount for all the the old fellas who reached the age of 65 on match-day tickets and season tickets. Not any more, as the powers that be have now raised it to 66.

What with the increasing cost of living and other day to day financial commitments, our silver haired supporters are being priced out.

Don`t forget these men and women are on state pensions and a lot of them have supported the Irons for more years than they care to remember.

This is not a good move, the club really has to remember that these folk have supported West Ham through thick and thin and in the autumn of their years, they really should be appreciated and looked after.



5 comments on “West Ham pricing out veteran fans in pension move

  1. What a terrible article. Do you even understand what you have written? This does not affect the any pensioner that already has a ticket as they will already be of age.

    This just brings the club Into line with the state pension age, which is fully understandable to achive pension age tickets.

    Do your research before posting such rubbish.

    The fact we have such a scheme in place is great.

    • Interesting no other club have done it. If that’s the case why make a point of doing it this year. Preumably ypu don’t believe in helping a few veterans at the time of cost of living crises. Of course we understand what we have written. You clearly don’t

  2. Your article is factually incorrect. No one of State Pension age at the time of purchase is frozen out. As much as I don’t agree with the raising of State Pension age, the fact is it has and the club have reflected that change.

  3. Irrelevant what other clubs do As per other comment, your points are inaccurate. No vetren will be worse off as a result of this. Poor journalism

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