West Ham Robbed Before They Kick Off

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West Ham United’s trip to Chelsea this weekend is already an uphill battle. Their dismal form and a potential managerial exodus create a tense atmosphere. However, the appointment of referee Andy Madley and VAR official Peter Bankes throws petrol on this fire, transforming the contest into a potential officiating farce.

Madley’s selection is a slap in the face to West Ham fans. His controversial decision to overturn a legitimate goal last season in the same fixture remains a sore spot. This appointment reeks of a lack of understanding or sensitivity towards fair play.

Adding insult to injury, Peter Bankes, notorious for questionable VAR calls against West Ham, will be on duty. Is this mere coincidence, or are we witnessing a pattern of officiating decisions that consistently disadvantages the Hammers?

The Premier League claims to strive for fairness and consistency. This referee selection blatantly contradicts those claims. West Ham deserves better. Their fight for a top-seven finish and their very faith in the integrity of the competition are being undermined.

This isn’t just about a single game; it’s about the principle of fair play. The Premier League needs to act swiftly and decisively to address this situation. Otherwise, the beautiful game risks being overshadowed by a constant sense of officiating injustice. West Ham might be facing Chelsea on the pitch, but their biggest challenge seems to be off it, against a system that appears stacked against them.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    Are you serious, Simon? You believe we are losing games mostly because of the match officials! Look, everybody seems to hate referees but somebody has to do it. Why can’t you stick to accusing the two Davids at West Ham and some under performing players? I think you are just venting for the sake of it now.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      don’t put words in his mouth. he never said we were losing matches “mostly because of the match officials!” only YOU said that. want to make a point? go ahead, but do it the right way instead of inventing quotes just so that you can scream someone down for saying it

    • Hammer babe says:

      Two David’s? One of them can’t possibly be blamed anymore!

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    I fear that we are going to see a repeat of last year’s game this referee is not fit to referee any game he clearly has issues with us so how do the powers that be think we are going to get treated fairly the so called top clubs can dictate who they will have or have not refereeing the games they play in yet the rest of the league especially us have to put up with a referee that’s not fit for purpose games are tough enough without having the referee and his assistants against as well

  • John simmonds says:

    Don’t be silly
    We’re losing because we are ****e, the manager is useless and the owner couldn’t give a monkeys if he has to spend money. As I write this we are 3-0 down after 30 odd mkns at Chelsea
    And Moyes famous low block and small squad are blowing out of their arses
    Still we have to be careful what we wish for eh?

  • Brian says:

    Can’t really blame the referee for todays performance at Stamford Bridge….

  • Mick Burton says:

    We played **** end of ⚒️

  • Gordon says:

    We lose because we play **** football with Moyes we rode our luck all season and now it’s catching up with us 3or4 games with a fans boycott rather than a protest and he would have gone

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