Why ISIS hates the Irons LOL



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14 comments on “Why ISIS hates the Irons LOL

  1. Not very smart to draw attention to this sort of ****

  2. Umm – sorry to be po-faced but I don’t find this remotely funny!

  3. Delicately insensitive (i am an atheist…. but all muslims are not isis)
    and just not funny!

  4. Made me laugh anyway!

  5. Lol,so many politically correct people around these days.Sometimes you can laugh at something without it detracting from the actual issue.Lighten up you miserable sods!!!

    • Agreed. Those people just dont understand what being politically correct is all about. Its not about respecting EACH and EVERY ideology or group. Its about respecting the right of people to have different views but only in case THEY follow same paradigm. For example, when religions will stop entitle all non-believers as “sinners” who will suffer in hell for eternity after death I might consider some respect for religious people.

  6. lighten up will guys

    • I actually think it’s quite a good idea to mock cowards and killers but each to his own and nobody said all muslims were killers anyway. Certainly not me. That’s like blaming all musicians for One Direction!

      • I was thinking of a sick joke to be made at the expense of the heavy metal fans that died…..but resisted lol

    • I’m pleased that you think it’s funny to highlight a football club to the radicals of East London. Hope they see the joke. Ha ha ha!

  7. Saw this “joke” on WHTID a month a least ago #lame

  8. What has One Direction got to do with music? Don’t try to justify a sad post. Middle East Ham next.

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