Will Steidten pick West Ham’s next manager


Will Steidten pick West Ham’s next manager?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the football gossip, you might have noticed the buzz around West Ham potentially considering Xabi Alonso as their next manager.

Before looking too deeply into the subject, it’s important to remember that David Moyes is doing a fantastic job at West Ham. However, with only nine months remaining on his contract, it would be foolish for the club not to have alternatives lined-up.

The link between West Ham and Xabi Alonso arises from Tim Steidten. Our jet-setting director of football, had previously chosen Alonso as the manager of former club Bayer Leverkusen. The German club currently sit at the top of the Bundesliga, under the stewardship of Alonso who is using players signed by Steidten.

Even if you don’t entirely buy into the idea of Alonso heading to West Ham, it does spark some optimism. Clearly Steidten has an eye for up and coming coaches – a talent which should bode well for the Hammers.

Tim Steidten-Xabi Alonso-West Ham

Will Steidten pick West Ham’s next manager? Xabi Alonso is doing an incredible job at Bayer Leverkusen.

Considering the eventual departure of David Moyes as the West Ham boss, Steidten is likely to play a crucial role in selecting the next manager. This could mark a significant shift in how West Ham approaches managerial appointments, potentially a first where a director of football is directly involved in the process.

However, the situation raises questions. Moyes is performing exceptionally well, and finding a better manager might be a tall order at the moment. But if and when Moyes time at West Ham finishes, Steidten could be the one making the big decision.

Manager in demand

Alonso has release clauses linked to Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich, displaying his ambition and desire to manage at the highest levels. For West Ham to have a chance at securing him, it would likely need to happen at the end of this season. Liverpool and Real Madrid may not be looking to replace their managers anytime soon, leaving Bayern Munich as a potential destination, albeit not guaranteed.

The uncertainty surrounding Moyes contract and the exciting future ahead for West Ham, as alluded to by Moyes himself, leaves us with a lot of “ifs” and “maybes”. It’s a complex web of possibilities, and only time will unravel the true course of events.

In essence, the Alonso-West Ham link is speculative, but not entirely unfounded. There are dots to connect, and while David Moyes contract situation remains in limbo, the rumours will persist.

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