West Ham banned by the FA

facupWest Ham were banned from wearing Thames Ironworks special commemorative kit for the FA Cup defeat against Manchester City it has been revealed in the Sun newspaper.

It has now been confirmed the Thames Ironworks outfit contravened FA regulations with Hammers vice-chairman Karren Brady tweeting: “It’s a shame as we love that kit.”

The story claims West Ham were forced to scrap plans to use the special FA Cup kit as the logo was too big.

On the 1st August the official website proudly announced: “West Ham United’s Commemorative 2016/17 Thames Ironworks Kit goes on sale today ahead of its debut at Sunday’s Betway Cup game against Juventus.”

“The Commemorative Kit echoes the very first to be worn by Thames Ironworks FC – the Hammers’ forerunners – and will mark the official opening of the Club’s new home on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as well as being worn during our FA Cup campaign.”

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27 comments on “West Ham banned by the FA

  1. West Ham sell a kit that was to be worn in the FA cup only for it to fail FA regulations…Surely this is some sort of joke and the club will refund the cost of the kit to those who bought it ??

    • they wont refund nothing mate, more likely claim there is thousands of fans on a waiting list wanting to buy the ironworks shirt and it will be a collectors item worth a few quid in the future.

  2. I bought it because i liked it.I knew it would not be worn as a matchday kit regularly or if at all.No problem at all i knew the situation.It was made clear at the time.I dont need my money back.

    • what was made to clear at the time, you obviously didn’t read.
      its up there in the post above
      “The Commemorative Kit echoes the very first to be worn by Thames Ironworks FC – the Hammers’ forerunners – and will mark the official opening of the Club’s new home on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as well as being worn during our FA Cup campaign.”

      still never mind our wonderful vice chairmen, Lady Brady just tweets “its a shame as we love that kit”
      She is supposed to be a top business woman and yet cant even ensure that we have a special kit for the FA cup games that meets the FA rules.
      Karren Brady “your fired”
      I wish.

      • yawn, who cares

      • Moan Moan Moan.You got nothing better to do with your life than moan.Im a very calm gent i would like to think but some of you cant help yourselves can you.You just cant stop moaning.
        Oh & dont try the moaning about moaning line its dire.Some of you make using sites a complete & utter downer.

        • You have to wonder sometimes whether we have a section of our fans who have no other life apart from working out what they can moan about on that said day.
          It is baffling in the extreme.Is there really nothing else happening in their worlds other than sitting there stewing about a football shirt.

        • nothing wrong with a good old moan mate, i’m sure you will agree.. as you just proved. 🙂

          • We have WHUISA now go moan at them.Odds are stacked on whoever reads their emails being diagnosed with clinical depression after a month once you lot have finished with him.

  3. Too be fair Marv we all knew the score when it came out that it was a commemorative shirt that might only be used in the cup.I didnt buy it as a strip that the players will wear i bought it because i really liked it as something different.But there again i am a fashionista 😂😂

    • Doesn’t surprise me your a fashionista Rads! After all you did spend all that time with Matte at the Milan fashion show year on year 🙂

  4. Just as well you all brought it because you liked it, because you have absolutely no chance of getting your money back. Dumb and Dumber have all the shirt sales for this little fashion icon neatly folded up in there back pockets. Outrageous how these two spin and stretch the truth fleecing fans of every penny possible.

  5. I hardly think it is down to you to lecture others on whaf they buy or not Badger.Yet ANOTHER arrogant ******* amongst our support.What rocks do you crawl out from under.

  6. What others spend their money on is down to them isnt it & it is not like other clubs dont have 3rd of 4th kits they wear no more than 2 or 3 times a season
    What is so difficult to understand,it was a commerative shirt,buy it or dont it was or is that simple.
    With your logic Badger no one should buy any form of training kit because it wont be worn in a match.
    Try applying to be the 3rd Dumbo.

  7. No one will admit it but , the real underlying objection is the Union Jack . Stuffed shirts .
    Anyway there were far better ideas for our new Club badge than that which we are sporting now . It’s bland , simple and pretty awful . Lacks imagination and depiction of our history .

    • It is a boring badge (brand) the new one I will give you that Kevin. It needs updating next season imo. The original badge with the union jack on it at least has some identity overseas, I am sure if they wanted to they could incorporate the union jack into the new badge, maybe even make a union jack kit, although no doubt the big ****s at UEFA would complain…

  8. Flip me (no swearing lol) is it really worth arguing over a football shirt.Regardless of what was written about its use i bought it because i liked it.If others didnt like it they didnt buy it.Anyway anyone who got it for an FA Cup run must have been smoking pot 😂😂

  9. There is no way in hell that anybody bought that kit because it might be used in the fa cup. Anyone who says they did is full of sh1t & is moaning for the sake of it.

    • Lol Essex,you not what mate in the end all you can do is smile it aint worth taking seriously 😁

  10. 🙂 life is too short to constantly ***** on about everything the club do or say. Zzzzz lol

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