£15m Townsend/Irons link

Andros-TownsendAndros Townsend is a regular arrival in the West Ham silly season transfer news.

He is again raised as a possible arrival in some morning newspapers although the stories look like a near repeat of those we were seeing in October 2014.

Back then he was seen as a replacement for Matt Jarvis who – it was claimed – is edging towards the exit door . In fact he wasn”t THEN  and he isn’t NOW as ClaretandHugh reported yesterday.

Indeed as we explained, the club have had no offers for either either a permanent or loan deal offered in the case of the former Wolves winger who cost us a cool £10 million.

Today, however, despite the arrival of Dimitri Payet at £10 million and with talks going on for Carl Jenkinson, Angel Ogbonna and Alex Song, we are apparently ready to talk around a £15 million deal for the Spurs wide man.

Given that Payet can play either on the left or right side it seems unlikely the position is currently a priority and it’s a central striker the club is looking for anyway.

With £20 million spent on Payet and a minimum £10 million set aside for a central defender only around £5m or £6 million will be left in the kitty – some way short of the reported £15 million Spurs valuation for Townsend.

This one looks unlikely to put it kindly.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

32 comments on “£15m Townsend/Irons link

  1. As David Gold said before “no matter how hard you try there are some people out there that you just can’t do business with”

    We should not be targeting to do ANY sort of business with Spurs…just a waste of time!


  2. Not a bad player,not 15millions worth though,but dont wanna give the Spuds any spending money,they can spend someone elses!

  3. He is ok but i would never pay that money for him.Anyway Mystic Bradley hasnt mentioned him in his latest update.He just managed to tell the disciples everything we have read in the last 24/48hrs anyway,lol,what a ****ing joke 😉

  4. So we’ve got Downing, Payet, Amalfitano, Jarvis and Valencia that can play on the wing but we’re looking to buy another winger apparently hmmm lol, load of ******** why do people even make this sort of rubbish up. Even if we did want him no way would we pay £15M!!

  5. Dont know,better ask the paper that wrote it,lol,it is silly season.Anything goes.66 let me tell you that Bradley is a ****ing joke,all he does is repeat stuff that is days old anyway.Absolute pile of steaming poo 😀

    • Hey Sam no one told me that there’s a bloody ring road in coventry, can’t get off & come home…

  6. All I can say is that a couple of my sources are confirming that Mystic Brad is a ****ing joke but I’ll let you know as soon as I can if anything changes lol
    As for Townsend I can’t stand him as a pundit or Clive Tilldsley commentating,I know Andros is the subject I just needed to say it

  7. I’m counting ONE new rumour…. two more before the weekend then 😉

  8. There is absolutely no truth in this rumour.Mystic Bradders never mentioned it in his report so it is untrue.But i feel he is losing his followers,they are starting to rebel against him 😀

  9. You’re right Ty I spotted a couple of doubters earlier,can’t quite recall their names,but they will be burned at the stake as heretics and face their day of judgement before the forum gods lol

  10. Haha,well obviously P45 was one of them for sure,lol 😀

  11. Hmm by knowing that Ty you’re the new Mystic,there are more prophets and messiahs floating around than in the Life of Brian lol

  12. Nothing story,cant see this is anymore than papers having a slow day.

  13. ahahah… I haven’t checked wetpants for a week.. Just went there… That Bradley is a true divinity… his last comment is a kind of papyrus, 20/25 lines… he spreads his word to his disciples like a god… he will soon be able to multiply loaves and fishes and walk on water… lool

    • Good to see you’re a believer Matte,when I read his testament I get the eerie feeling he is staring straight into my soul lol

  14. Nothing story.Game over.Next please…..

  15. We should be like them and don’t touch any of there players,if the prices were right that were quoted about Slav,s ex club we could get both his wingers for the same price or one of them and there centre forward, and they seem more consistent the the Spud,
    It Bradders could have told us that 23 hours ago,

  16. Why the feck would we want Townsend,he is w*nk.Plays one decent game in ten then goes to sleep again.Load of ****.

  17. What do we want this idiot for.So Mystic ****ing Bradley has spread the word that Obonna,Ogbanna,whatever the **** his name is is a done deal according to reports in italy.The gospel according to ****wit Bradley,cant believe some of those ****ing cretins on wetpants actually ask him for answers about the transfer market.Bunch of ****ing mushrooms fed Bradleys ****ing bull****.Wasters!

  18. ahaha… you’re at peace with yourself Spoonie… your message is a sweet words shower… lol 😀

  19. Bahaha,calm down spoonie,calm down.But you are right.The Mystic Man ITK has just told his disciples his hot news has come from Sky Italia1,lmao,now that really is a source close to the club & board,wahahaha,they have been well mugged off 😀

  20. Lol,yeah one of them has told Mystical Bradders they are going to ignore him from now on.He is losing his believers at a rapid rate of knots i think,lol

  21. Keep on hearing about the kitty that we have got. Correct me if I’m wrong but when all this 20-25 mill budget was flying about after last season didn’t the owners say that they haven’t even talked about a budget. And that if the club runs out of funds and they still need players they were willing to dip into there own pockets.

  22. Nope,no kitty has ever been mentioned by anyone of importance,it is true,just all guess work i reckon.

  23. It’s all about ins and outs and if Downing goes this deal for the Italian will almost be covered,
    It’s still the right back problem we need to resolve,
    Forget Jenkinson and find another JOB and Burke can cover

  24. So Bradders got a little bit of Wifi reception from his holiday caravan in Prestatyn and decided to upload some pearls of wisdom to get his flock all excited. I can see them now arguing amongst themselves, comparing thigh measurements ,cranium size, how many yards they ran last season, then like a groundhog Bradders will disappear back up his own ******** until he pops out to tell us that in 72 hours we will be signing someone or how many months of winter we will be having..

  25. Take the ca$h boro are offering & go for broke ….

  26. He’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy or as Spoonie would say **** me he’s ******* not the ******* messiah he’s a ******* **** lol

  27. Haha,well Cap Locks is having a breakdown about the possible signing of Ogbonna at the moment,haha,so funny.

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