£60M is too much for Hammers target


£60M is too much for the Hammers to pay desperate Everton 

West Ham United are targeting Everton star, Amadou Onana, as a potential addition to our squad for next season. However, the reported asking price of over £60 million for the midfielder appears to be quite steep.

Amadou Onana has previously played for Hamburger SV and Lille before making a move to Everton in the summer of 2022 for a reported fee of £33 million. Since then, he has proven to be a valuable asset for the club.

West Ham were very close to signing the player before he opted for Merseyside due to the higher wages on offer. Ironically, it may well be that inflated wage which forces him out of Everton and into the welcoming arms of David Moyes.

David Moyes could be set to get his N01 midfield target_£60M is too much for Hammers target

£60M is too much for Hammers target Onana

Considering his young age and obvious talent, acquiring Onana could represent a significant long-term investment for West Ham. Additionally, Everton’s current struggles in the league, with the possibility of facing relegation, could further necessitate Onana’s departure from the club.

Furthermore, Everton’s financial situation, compounded by potential profit and sustainability regulations like Financial Fair Play (FFP), might force them to offload players in the upcoming summer transfer window. As they have already faced point deductions this season, selling players like Onana could become a necessity for the club to maintain financial stability.

Hammers must play hardball

However, I don’t believe The Hammers should pay anywhere near £60m for the player. He’s good . . . sometimes really good, but he doesn’t score too often and he’s certainly not twice the player Edson Alvarez is. At £40m he would represent great value but anyone buying him should not forget they’re doing Everton a massive favour.

I’m also mindful that he’s rejected a move to the Hammers once before so he’d need to show some willingness on his part. But, if it’s a choice between Onana and Kalvin Phillips for West Ham’s midfield next season . . . it’s an easy choice.

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  • paul lewis says:

    I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole. He has already turned us down once for the Toffees so leave well alone. There are much better players out there at less money, which I am sure Tim already knows.

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