Adrian: New boss has changed a lot of things

AdrianAdrian has declared things are changing and and that the Slaven Bilic style is on the way in.

The crowd favourite declared:  “We have changed a lot of things. Now, with this manager, we play a more passing style, (the ball) quick to the side and to put the cross in, players going forwards, starting with the defence to create our game.

“It is a different style, so we need to adapt to the new manager and the new manager needs to adapt to the team, to get a strong squad and to be perfect when we start the Premier League.”

Comapring Slav to the former manager he said: “They are different persons and each person is different with different qualities – Sam Allardyce had good qualities and now it is (Slaven) Bilic.

“It is different — another style to play and other things.”


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34 comments on “Adrian: New boss has changed a lot of things

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    What’s happened to this site? For a brief while it posted things worth reading. It now appears to just repeat what everyone has already read elsewhere. Pure click bait rubbish, now in the same vein as HITC.

    Another site to block from my newsnow list.

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  8. Now all newspapers must have different headlines.None are allowed the same one or David will email them to tell them he read the same story elsewhere & he is blocking them,lol,d*ckhead 🙂

  9. When I read the column I wondered how 9 hits had occurred,now I know a lost soul clicked on our site thinking it was connected to wetpants and found no in formation on the London Underground,recipe for a pie or never ending stats on why the Dudley hippo is not an indangered species,
    But what I found was a group of good friends waiting to welcome an unwanted nob head
    Who’s next to come out and say what a great manager we have ?

    • ahah… as always, excellent diagnosis Dr bubs 😀

    • 18 games into the season and we will know all there is to know . Be it good or bad .
      It will be Good , of course ., because worse is unthinkable .

      Seems like the team are haveing a massive ” Love In ” with Bilic . Hope it doesn’t end in Divorce .

  10. Poor old Mystic David Blaine, he doesn’t need telling anything twice his ideas are inspirational only original stories are allowed, so no transfer stories or match reports in fact the only story I can think of this week was the £9M bid one that should’ve been posted. So Hugh and Sean sod the vast majority who love this site and please only follow David’s top advice.
    I wonder how he reacts to the second person who says good morning to him every day lol

  11. Seems my comment was far more interesting to you all than the actual article – oh, the irony!

    Have a great day!

    • ahah… You have won the award “pearls of wisdom of the day” David… have a great day too … 😉

  12. I think you’ll find that that no one said the article was interesting and some articles fail to attarct a single comment on here but the real irony is that you stated For a brief while it posted things worth reading with the obvious implication that there was nothing worth reading here yet you return to read all the comments and reply to them. Most peculiar but you have a great day too

  13. Bilic & the two Dave’s need to tell Newcastle NOW , that Tomkins is going nowhere .
    Defenders are every bit as important as attackers ,, just look at what a mess we got into last season when Our defenders started falling by the wayside through injury . Our goal difference ended up being negative , when it was healthily positive at one stage . Defenders even score goals , whereas it is not often an attacking player defends .
    Tell us , Dave’s , that Tomkins is staying and put end to all the speculation and Press Crap .

  14. Lol,what a plonker.Sees on Newsnow the headline.Thinks ‘i have already read that.I know what,i will go to the site to tell them i will block them’,hahaha,what a wally with a poison dart tipped brolly.KGB Dave,my new hero 😀

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    Anyway, I’m delighted to have given you all something clearly more interesting to read than the normal dross that gets published here these days.

    Hugh / Sean, I’ll let you know where to send my cut of your advertisin revenue for the day – let me know if you need help getting your hit counts up in the future!

  17. David you take care, you’ve been a cut above our usual wind up merchants and quite entertaining too, even if I don’t quite agree with your logic.

  18. As a man who considers himself pretty well educated & long in the tooth at the tender age of 68 may i offer my keyboard warrior opinion on this.I find your comment totally pointless.If you do not like something you read or do not value the site as offering you any insight that you havnt already read then move on or dont come to the article.As far as i am aware Newsnow would have shown the headline you came to so why come to it.Alternatively you could read it here first then go tell all the other forums they are useless because you have already read the article.I really dont know what your objectives where in coming to post such an inane comment.It represents an opinion yes but a pretty damn pointless one which would have maybe been better off left in your head.That by the way is also not a threat.But i would slam dunk you at Crown Green Bowls anytime Keyboard Whinger.

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  19. OT, new manager with different ideas, crazy. Sunday, huh?

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  22. We will do well this season because we have a thin manager.All the top clubs have thin managers.Wenger,Mourinho,Pelligrini.They have self discipline,which they will transfer to the players.Not some lardy b*stard who sits in the club canteen eating 10 pies.This is going to be a brand new thin era!! 😀

    • Haha good theory Ty,maybe we should gone for Peter Crouch as manager lol

    • Haha,great theory Ty,what you been drinking,lol,now i must go do the Wetpants survey.It would be rude not to 😀

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