Former Hammer scores for Chairboys

SeanFormer Hammer Sean Maguire is on trial with Wycombe Wanderers and was one of three trialists who accompanied Gareth Ainsworth’s squad on their pre-season tour to France.

The 21-year-old Irish international tapped in from a cross to score Blues’ solitary goal in a 2-1 defeat against the third tier French side on Thursday.

The striker is available on a free transfer after his release from West Ham, where he failed to make a single first team appearance after signing from Waterford in January 2013.

Originally dubbed the Irish Messi by his former chairman at Waterford, the Republic of Ireland under-21 international played 34 times for Accrington Stanley  last season, scoring eight times while on loan from West Ham.



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  1. I always liked the sound of Sean and still think he’ll have a good future in the game. I’m just surprised he was released what with working under BFS and his well known love of nurturing young players to become great stars…….oh

  2. That’s not even funny, are you 12?

    Allardyce would bring them through IF they were good enough AND the premier league wasn’t so cut throat today, even if and when we were safe, placing in the league is worth millions per place, so you can’t breed in the youngsters.

    AND Accrington Stanley, didn’t think he was good enough to offer him a contract, which says everything.

    Sean Mcquire IS not good enough for West Ham.

  3. Would he really? I take it you can back up with names all the successful youth stars your beloved Sam has brought through in his decades of management. I’ll give you one to start Reece Burke who played coincidentally once he had signed for Sam’s agent buddy….your turn.

    Just to clear things up I said I liked the sound of young Sean and not that he was good enough for West Ham but I point made about the master tactician Allardyce stands unless you can prove me wrong?

    • You forgot Nolan…

    • Aah yes you’re right Nav how could I forget captain faithful but one swallow does not a summer make. Maybe BFS has a checklist produce a youth player….tick. Win a trophy….cross. Have more than one tactic….cross. Win a trophy….cross. Manage a top team…..cross. Oh dear not fairing too well is he lol

      • Quickdraw,

        I love going to see us, rather win than lose, but we seem to lose more than win, maybe that’s the so called west ham way.

        No Sam is not renowed for winning trophies no….
        No Sam is not renowed for bringing on youngsters no….

        Yet he was employed?

        So his employees are to blame, not him.

        And btw….only Lyall and Greenwood have won trophies at west ham, so don’t hold your hat

  4. Yeah Allardyce just hung them all out to dry at Forest instead.Great man management!!!

  5. Yes the Prem is worth millions,faiir point.But we were dropping like a stone with the first team players anyway,losing a million & a half a place every couple of weeks.Playing the nippers would have made no difference.Strange how last year we apparently had no youth players worthy of the shirt,now suddenly we have many that people are talking about.The same lads who were at the irons last season will be given a go this season i am sure.Lads who wouldnt even be sniffing the first team squad this season if Allardyce was still manager.That isnt even a debate!

  6. Haha

    Laughable, they have the shirt now, in pre season, they won’t have it during the season, if Burke was that good why did Bilic buy Ogbonna???

    At Forest, hmmm we had 3 games in 7 days, an FA cup 3rd round tie, a Semi Final and very important game away st Cardiff, which we won 1-2 and was the catalyst for keeping us up….and make your mind up you lot, either he hung them out to dry OR they were not good enough for the 1st team? Which is it?
    We were trailing 1-2, had to go for it, being a cup tie, and were unlucky not to make it 2-2… 3-1 or 5-1 bares no difference in a cup tie, either way your out

  7. And btw

    Allardyce got us up, kept us up,stopped the sinking ship, and pushed us on, which was what he was employed to do.

    The board wanted that and that alone, that’s why he got the job !!

    Christ it’s not hard to fathom it, rocket science it’s not, nor a invite to mencer!

    Why do people think he’d play pretty football, bring on kids when he never has or will?

    Our board wanted just what he delivered, can’t for the life of me understand why our fans don’t get it, and wanted something else.

    Amazed some of our fans find their way home of an evening

  8. Actually it is Mensa not mencer.How ironic a wise man like you should spell the HI IQ Society name wrong.Oh dear,school boy error.Make sure you get someone to walk you home after your spelling lessons!!!

    • Oh and its ‘an invite’,not ‘a invite to mencer’.Sorry my mistake you got me spelling things wrong as well now.I ment Mensa!!!.How stupid of me,because its not difficult to fathom,nor is it rocket science to know how to spell mensa!!! A kid could!!

  9. Autospell slimjim

    Still lets nark on about the spelling not the point

    ****ing hell

  10. Haha,IQ test-How do you spell Mensa.Uhhhh M-E-N-C-E-R.
    Then lets blame predictive text,lol,what a ****ing plum!!

  11. icwhs I’ll stay away from the mencer,Mensa,John Mensah or Frank Spencer debate and I’ll grant you that BFS was indeed employed to get us up albeit through the crudest and narrowest of ways. Since then he has tried his best to destroy our great club,it’s fans and history. He rightly deserves to be consigned to the football dustbin where his prehistoric views belong.
    I notice you failed to answer the question especially as you ruled out young Burke and obviously believe a squad should have eleven players only,so I’ll ask you again name some or just one young player that your idol has ever produced or nurtured??
    Perhaps while you’re thinking you can go back to Wetpants and tell them what a hero you are

    • As Navajo reminded me Nolan is one he brought through indeed he took nurturing to a brand new level playing him whilst unfit and overweight at the expense of all others…..quality.

  12. Quickdraw,

    I never said he was my idol, nor did i say he was renowned for bringing youngsters on, because he’s not, as i also stated.

    But it does **** me off, fans getting on Sams back, for Sam being Sam?

    He was right for West Ham when he was given the job, fans (some, a lot) expected the West Ham way? Which was never happening with Sam, I remember going down under Glenn Roeder, remember we went to Bolton needing a win to stay up, J Cole got sent off, we lost, as i and the football world knew we would.

    It’s like the cupping of the ear in the dire 1-0 Hull game, for Sam, he believed he was right, he’s paid to win, if people wanted entertainment, they should go to the cinema.

    It just amazes me fans were ****ed off with Sam being Sam, its the fault of the employers, they knew what they wanted, and got it.

    Im not a Sam lover, im realistic.

    • OK ichws I take your points about the reasons he was employed,the Daves got what they were after at the time. Fair enough too you never claimed he brought on youngsters but in my defence you did come across as very pro Sam.
      I’d like to tell you that I turned on Sam post December although never a fan of his I backed him as our manager but then changed due to his inflexibility,favouritism,obstinence and above all arrogance. I’d also like to ask you some questions:
      Are you happy that he’s gone?
      Do you share the vision of just being a winner regardless of performance? I’d add being a winner didn’t show much since December nor through his career.
      If the answer is yes why do you support West Ham?
      I feel that ultimately the fans are the employers and his behaviour at the Hull game was disgusting,do you agree?
      Would you prefer a dire season footballing wise finishing say 9th to an entertaining but losing more season finishing say 15th?
      Do you think I ask too many questions? Lol

  13. Can you imagine the conversation between the Davids when Grant took us down

    “Er we ****ed that up Dave”

    “yeah the **** grant was a conman, he fooled us, Parker wants out, and remember we gave Demba Ba a walk away for **** all clause in his contract if we were relegated…. Loads want out, were 100 million in debt, **** squad, playing Doncaster next season…..I’ve heard there’s a great young Argentine manager at Malaga, plays great stuff, attacks ala Barcelona/Arsenal, ill give him a ring”

    “No Dave we need stability, we 100% got to get up, stay up, push on….Get Allardyce on the dog….**** the fans, they’ll blame the dinosaur, we’ll get away scott free when the fans want him out…..

  14. You mean football fans shouldnt expect to be entertained for 40 quid upwards? Or we shouldnt have expected to be entertained under Allardyce?

  15. Sam never ruined or disrespected our club, he told the truth, what is the West ham way?

    I’ve been going 40 yrs, I’ve come to the conclusion its losing and being relegated a lot.

    The board (HIS EMPLOYERS) could have ousted him whenever, they didn’t, they needed, wanted and got what they paid for.

    If you order filé mignon in a restaurant, you get it, if you want a pie n mash, go somewhere else….

    Who fans can blame Sam for beySam is ridiculous

    Bolton under Sam BORING
    Blacburn under Sam BORING
    Newcastle under Sam BORING

    The owners got what they wanted, boring stability, its not the postmans fault you get **** post, blame the tit who posted it….In Sams case he was kept under employment for 4 seasons, when the time was right, his contract was not renewed.

    The Daves got what they wanted and paid for… You say its Sams fault

    ****ing couldn’t make it up, take the claret n blue specs off, and take a step into reality, you might enjoy it.

  16. You confuse me icwhs you make solid points based as if you were a shareholder which I’m assuming you’re not. You don’t answer many of my earlier questions but that’s fair enough. You’ve 7 or 8 years on me but seem to support West Ham for completely different reasons. I go and support to be entertained to escape the every day humdrum of life but you sound like you go to watch a win by whatever means,I’m a first generation fan maybe you had no choice by birth but you don’t sound like you enjoy it so I’d suggest you put on the claret and blue specs and try to enjoy it.

  17. Slim,

    No matter if the tickets cost £40 or 4k a manager is employed to win more than lose, no manager anywhere gives a **** about fan entertainment,

    When Morinho parked the bus in the Nou Camp the season they won the CL, do you think he cared 1 **** that 2000 cfc fans paid thousands to watch it? Not a flying **** was given nor will be, winning not entertaining keeps them in work.

    I go to see us win,

    When i want entertaining ill bring my Mrs to Live at the Apollo

  18. And at no point did you answer my question,do you think fans who pay £40+ quid deserved to be entertained.Just a load of profanties thrown into a load of bluster & some reference about Gordon Ramseys cooking.You are a pretty disrespectful know it all.I have been going for 57yrs & always had good debate in pubs & round the ground but your attitude perfectly sums up the problems with forums.Not everyone feels the same way as you.It neither makes them right or wrong.But you dont need to act like a bigheaded imbecile preaching your views to the masses.

  19. Ok,finally you got round to it after round one of the I Know It All lessons of the evening!!

  20. That’s weird because I’m actually watching live at the Apollo it’s not always entertaining. If it’s all about the win for you I suggest you use Fulham Broadway instead of Upton Park from now on you’ll get more value for YOUR money

  21. Jim,

    Im not preaching at all, I know little, never claimed to know it all.


    Do you think our owners want your money, or would prefer to entertain you???

    They don’t give a **** Jim, and never will…

  22. **** me,nothing like loving your own opinion because its the only one that counts.You would love WHTID.Having said that im pretty sure you already comment on there.Certainly the same self-opinionated dross that comes from someone else on there!

  23. Quickdraw

    Its not about the win for me?

    Its about seeing us play, no more, no less,

    But it’s not Sams fault for doing what he was employed to do?

    Its the fault of the the people who put him there, thats all

  24. And if you can’t see that, it’s strange

  25. In one post you said you go to see us win then you say it’s about seeing us play,you might now be pedantic but i go wanting us to win and wanting us to play well.
    You’re right ultimately about Sams employment status but I think wrong about them not caring,they’ve put plenty of their own dosh in and yes they may yet cash in but they could’ve stuck with stable but boring yet they haven’t suggesting they want more than a return for their investment.

  26. Quickdraw

    Yes im happy he has gone.

    Yes I’d love to win a cup playing ****, than lose playing well?

    We played well in 2006, very well actually

    Were you pleased we played well and lost?

    Or would you have liked Gerrard put it in row z??

    You see, we do want the same **** after all

  27. QuickDraw

    I meant i go to see us win, thats the goal right, doesn’t always happen though, but when i leave of a Saturday to watch us, its in my mind it’s too see us win

  28. Firstly gutted in 2006 and yes we did play well and wish Gerrard had missed.
    Yes it would appear we want the same thing but you’ve also left me confused in the way you started off this thread by defending Sams team selection based on league position when it was exactly that that cost us league places and deep in my heart I can’t believe that you weren’t upset by the cupped ear or some of his other behaviours especially his failing to take the blame and pre loss excuses.
    I think ultimately we kind of want the same thing but I want to see pride,passion,entertainment and yes a win but I accepted long ago that the win isn’t everything. Having said that I’m ever hopeful that Slav will provide me with all of these most of the time. Finally I’m delighted that you’re happy he’s gone.

  29. Ah the great stability discussion rears its head again for the hippo. So here’s my two penneth worth, fact Hippo got us promoted just with the most expensively assembled squad in the championship, fact he invested heavily via the board on players like Maynard,Baldock and then realising they didn’t fit his one dimensional play promptly got rid, fact in the period of our return Swansea,Stoke and Southampton have all replaced” Stable Managers” and surpassed us with less net spend, fact he destroyed a system of play that saw us make a great start to the season to ensure that his show ponies could play, fact he sent young players on loan for no other reason to get rid of them so that “experienced” players such as Pogatetz and Johnson could be brought in, fact Nolan played whatever forgetting whether in form or out, fact his disrespect for the fans knew no bounds and lastly fact he has never won anything in the game never likely too yet has gained a reputation based against nothing…

  30. And I presume ICWHS you show the same respect to Zola, who didn’t get relegated and did something that the tactical genius could never do and amass 50 points but I doubt that because the Tactical one did his very high paid so called job….

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