Alex Song back in London

The will he sign won’t he sign debate continues with Alex Song as he flies back to London this afternoon.

After posting an photo of himself near Chadwell heath last week, hopes were raised that West Ham were about the sign the Barcelona midfielder on a permanent deal. These hopes were dashed when he published a photo of himself back in Barcelona on Friday.

This afternoon hopes were raised again again posting a photo on Snapchat of himself driving in London.




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34 comments on “Alex Song back in London

  1. I’m tired of this saga already!

    I’m also on the fence as far as Song is concerned. When he is good he is very good, but far too often he loses possession in dangerous positions, or fails with that “Hollywood” pass.

    He needs to be more consistent to merit a starting spot, if he comes our way.

  2. Too many articles coming out at once.How the hell are the three of us who use this site ment to reach the 10 comment quota.Were doomed,i say were doomed!! Its all going to go sh*t shaped 🙂

  3. Lol,dont panic Sting,we are holding the fort for you.There are plenty more than five of us.I am creating another 100 emails & names as i speak,haha.Could be a long evening,but i dont want to disappoint the sad b*stards who says there is only a small group who read this,lol.I will not let you down Sting,trust me,my real names Arthur Daley 😉

  4. Oh & yeah,i forgot,yeah i would have Song back on a free if possible.Definately,slav & his mafia will sort him out 😉

  5. Ahah… Sorry but I am disturbed by the fact that we didn’t reach 10 comments for this article… Problem solved.. 😀

  6. Ahah Matte there are no problems only solutions,no more feeling distressed just me writing under all my various names lol

  7. Ahah… I Like Your new name Quick… Peace&Love mates


  8. Nice one Matte I heard that on the radio today. You may say I’m a dreamer,but I’m the only one,I hope someday you’ll join me,because I’m tired of posting as everyone. Lol

    • Ahahahah… 😀

    • Haha,we must become friendly men of the people,everyone is welcome.I feel like John Lennon in bed with Yoko tonight.I have inner peace 😀

      • Hope you’re doing better than Yoko Radai lol. Oh feck I’ve tried that humour thing again. I must be serious! I must be serious! Lol

  9. Ahah… I feel Like I’m the concierge of the hotel C&H… Welcome Sir… Lol

    • Ooh can I have a room for six please,it’s the C&H annual trip away and we’re all going lol

      • please be serious Mr Quick, this is a site for intellectuals. I have an important news for you: the labour market performance is still somewhat disappointing, despite strong GDP growth in recent years. lol

      • Oh right yes of course could you find me all the available literature on State Aid,formations,tactics,every football player,the NHS and every cake recipe please and an early alarm call we wake early us rabid dogs lol

        • I’ll do my best Mr Quick. Your room is ready, sir. On the second floor. It’s just across from Radai’s. Hope you have a pleasant stay here. Good night Sir.

        • Hahaha erm I mean yes well thank you so much ahem must stay serious umm FQ (frown quietly)

  10. Wow,you fellas are confusing me now.Are you all actually still you or have you all changed to eachother names.Arrgh,who am i speaking to,lol

  11. Could I be Bradley ?
    Or could I be Rad ?
    No it’s me ?

  12. He would be back in London,he lives here with his family,
    So I very time he comes home to his family he is signing on for us ?

  13. Lol,i remember reading this.So she is to blame for his nightmare dress sense as well i assume 😉

  14. He will join soon imo,hope he gets his finger out of his ass though.Is a proper player when he feels in the mood.

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