Allardyce gives it large ….. AGAIN!

alex-song-west-ham (1)Sam Allardyce has been opening it again – this time on the matter 0f Alex Song whom he reckons will have a better season if he re-joins the Hammers.

Mind you Allerdici may be overlooking the minor issue of an injury requiring surgery which has put the switch very much in the balance anyway – that’s the problem as you age! Gets easier to forget such issues.

The former boss – who was never going to stay schtuum on things Irons for long – claims the real challenge for Slaven Bilic and the club is whether the new signings will have the same impact as the new faces he brought to the club in his final campaign with the side. Oh dear!

On Song he said: “I expect it to be, if he does sign, a lot, lot better this season because I think the pace of the Premier League caught up with him.”

Patronising at best !

He added: “They (the Hammers) seem to be spending a lot of money abroad again and whether they settle in this country like they did last year, will be another defining factor for Slaven,”

Quite why Sam believes what’s happening at Upton Park has anything to do with him isn’t made clear of course although the need to give it large appears to be as important to him as ever.”


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22 comments on “Allardyce gives it large ….. AGAIN!

  1. Yawn.

  2. Until he gets a new job to concentrate on the hippo will be belching on about us alot i expect.We need to find him a club to take his mind off of things to do with us & sell our deadwood to him 😉

  3. ahah.. Why can’t he get himself a hobby? I don’t know… aeromodelling, fox hunting, deep sea fishing, porn actor, gardening, collecting stamps, videogames, paintball … everything but manager or sports consultant… lol

  4. Porn actor??,lol,thats a bad thought Matte,eewww 😉

  5. No more hippo articles,they make me dizzy & my heart rate rises,lol.I had enough hippoitus yesterday 😉

  6. **** me pal you can’t seriously think this is Sam getting on the blower to the nearest rag to have a pop.

    el Hippo was our last manager who we gave the ol’boot to, ofc the press are going to be all over him for comment on anything and everything West Ham till he finds a new job. Besides just read what he said, hardly a scathing attack now is it. Saying Song having a better 2nd season after getting used to the prem pace sounds pretty reasonable to me and I would hardly say that pointing out that imports will have to settle if we are to improve is giving it “large”.

    I mean, I dislike BFS as much as the next sane person but don’t you think your going a bit overboard with nonsense like this. I know you want views n all but stick to the rumor mill and other stuff, your beating a dead horse with the Sam’s a dick stick you’ve got going on atm and I cant be the only person who thinks its starting to drag.

    • Fair enough points although I think he’s keepng his bile for when we slip up. By the way are you a dustman MyOldMan? I’m sure I heard somewhere that you were lol

  7. Not sure there’s much call for hippo porn Matte he’d have to grow back his seventies moustache to stand a chance lol
    I was thinking more along the lines of shark trainer,ozone layer hole filler or he could go on a course and train to become a football coach lol

  8. Lol,who gives a sh*t what the ex-manager thinks.His opinions mean & change nothing at the club anymore

  9. He will try & take the credit for success & blame others for failure.. nothing new there.
    go away you silly little man (replace little man with fat c**t) if preffered.
    enough time wasted talking about him again, move on…

  10. Guess 2 weeks all inclusive at Pukka Pie World wasn’t the dream holiday you thought it would be eh hippo so time to have a comment about the club you loved so much, are you and Mystic Bradders one in the same? Is this how you break up the days? The similarities are too much to be ignored, both can foresee the future, both guess about players signing and both spring up randomly then disappear.

  11. NADA
    Take a hike big mouth
    Hike not dike QuickD

  12. wish sam would get it into his he his a turd rate manager

  13. He,s dead but he won’t lay down! Hippo the failure,just pipe down, you,ve proved that you lost ,so try not to make yourself””(giggle)””look stupid.

  14. it just wont die!!!!!!!!

  15. He won’t get a job, he,s just an overgrown dislikable **** with a brain like frank Bruno , who would employ him??

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