Allardyce: “I can’t say if I want to stay”

i-am-unimpressedSam Allardyce has refused to say whether or not he wants to stay at Upton Park next season.

Asked directly on Sky Sports whether he would be at the club or not next season – or if he wanted to be – he said: “Who knows?

“I can’t say whether I want to stay until we have talks with the owners which have been in abeyance since the start of the season.”

The manager believes however, that the season will have been a big learning curve for playersin their first season playing at this level.

He said: “They have learned it can be a cruel league and that concentration is key but he felt the referee Kevin Friend refused to give a valid penalty and that had a very big effect on the game.

He said: “It was a poor decision and the thing was it was blatant. We should have been more resilient but we went galavanting forward looking for the second,  left gaps at the back and paid the price.”


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14 comments on “Allardyce: “I can’t say if I want to stay”

  1. Hahahha,’we went galavanting about looking for the second’.Oh no poor you hippo,did we actually try to score again.What a sin.Repsect The Point!.The team failed you in your quest for another draw.Naughty boys,lol,what a complete wa*ker!!;)

  2. Bleh,same old crap.Maybe just one more pre match presser & two more manager on monday articles on the official site,then no more of this deluded fool.What was it he said on MOTD,overall we have had a fantastic season.Shows what high standards he sets himself.Geezers a mug.

  3. ahah… first of all looking at this picture I must admit that Sam is vey graceful… lying on the bench (as always), loose tie, cunning look, dressed like a godfather…
    Anyway, he can’t say if HE wants to stay… he has to choose between West Ham and Real Madrid… and again he puts the blame on the players, but this time using a soft way ” “They have learned it can be a cruel league and that concentration is key…”.
    Poor dinosaur, your brain is a big intricate entanglement of rubbish…

  4. As graceful as Jabba the Hutt on Rollerskates at an ‘all you can eat for £1’ buffet.

    • Ahah… You are right Green! He reminds me Jabba the Hutt..

  5. Wow,you are right lads,he is jabba the hutt 😀

  6. After watching him talk to the press again I am convinced he needs a shrink,
    He is totally delusional and has no more new excuses,
    This has been a great season ( really)
    And again a 19 year old gets his debut against us when we could have done with at least 2 of there subs,
    Martinez was animated and an inspiration to his team free a bad season for him,
    We have had a great season and our Hippo managed a fist pump when we score,
    Did it look like Song wanted to play today ?
    It did to me it’s because other teams aren’t that interested now and Mrs Song does not want to go back to Spain, if we do want him he must be cheap and drop his wage demands,
    Not such a good day for Burke today but Lu Lu is a top player ( that we missed out on )

  7. Hi bubs, how are you? Don’t worry 1 week and then Jabba Houdini Hippo Allardyce will be just a farway nightmare… 😉

  8. Better today Matte hit the good stuff last night just could not get that sinking feeling out of my head like many that posted last night I felt like my guts had been ripped out,
    It was sad reading how so many have come to the end of there journey with the Hammers
    If the 2 Daves make a bad decision next the fan base could be destroyed for good,
    The weather has been draining here all week what about where you are ?

  9. Here there’s the sun, it’s a good sign from the gods of football… 😉 One week, only one week…

  10. I would sooner not wait Matte but I hope you are right,who can we get from you list of playmakers for 20 to 25 Mil ?

  11. I like Pjanic (Roma), Mansour (Milan), Kovacic (Inter), and Isco (but Real will never sell him).

  12. He does,nt know?? But we do, don’t we.

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