Allardyce: “I’m delivering what the owners want”


MaccaandallardyceManager Sam Allardyce insists he will remain in his job until ” either David Sullivan, David Gold or Karren Brady ring me and tell me otherwise.”

But he added:”You’ve got to remember that we’re all in this together and that’s why we are where we are.

Speaking to he said: “We’re trying to progress the football club, so I’m delivering what the owners want, and at the moment we’ve got what we want – not as much as we wanted, but we’ve got what we want… nearly. “

The hostility of fans over recent weeks is according to Allardyce “part of the job” adding: “Everybody keeps telling me about how we need to play and what performances we need to give, but in our last four games all of our performances have been very good.

“But without a result comes criticism, so the perception of how you play the game or how you should play the game comes down to only one thing, and that’s results, not what you’ve done for the 90 minutes.

“It’s about have you won at the end of it. We’ve lost all of our last four, but the performances have been as good as the opposition, and in lots of cases better

“It’s about have you won at the end of it. We’ve lost all of our last four, but the performances have been as good as the opposition, and in lots of cases better.

“I can’t remember us playing as well as we did against Liverpool this season, but we lost to two penalties and it’s a defeat, rather than getting something out of the game against one of the favourites to win the league.

“Against Arsenal the overall performance was there, then Crystal Palace and West Brom, everyone talks about possession and we out-possessed both Crystal Palace and West Brom, but because we haven’t won everyone perceives that they were poor performances.

“I know what is right, and I know it’s a results-driven business. We’re not getting results and without results you get criticised, and we all accept that.”

Only Marco Borriello is unavailable for the clash against Spurs and the manager said: ““If we are to beat Tottenham it’s no good to continue to play well if we carry on making basic errors.

“It would be absolutely fantastic to beat them at home, having beaten them in the Capital One Cup and in the league.”


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  • brian says:

    I cant see how you can say these games were all good ok Liverpool was the best of the four we actually played some football but the last two were diabolical didn’t have a clue just kept playing long balls to A/C he nodded on to no one up there on his own just kept giving the ball away wost football i have seen as a season ticket holder for 30 years Sam needs to go for us to get to next level COYI

  • HammerForLife says:

    “in our last four games all of our performances have been very good” That really says all you need to know. We have been, for the most part, dire. There have been brief patches of OK, but “very good”? Now who’s deluded Sam?

  • rtlloyd98 says:

    Blaming the owners… That ain’t gonna go down well with the boardroom

  • westside says:

    One thing Allardyce is really good at is SPIN, spin spin spin. Turn it all round.

  • stubbo says:

    This is one of the big problems. Allardyce’s definition of ‘playing well’ is very very different to anyone else’s. His definition of what constitutes a ‘goal scoring chance’ is also very different to most. It’s like the Emporer’s new clothes…if he says it and stands by it maybe he and everyone else will believe it!

    And remember ‘Allardici’…it’s not just the result as Hull proved… The guy is arrogant, self righteous, and out of sync with the fans at our club…he’ll never improve as he can’t recognise his or his teams own failings!

  • hammerdale22 says:

    Fat Sam has Quoted in certain (Most of em then) Games we Setup our Team not 2 Lose, So in the Players Mindset they Believe they Are not good Enough to beat Chelsea Arsenal and Man City Etc (A Manager that does not think their good enough). So when we beat Chelsea 3-1 at home that was a Fluke as he had no intenton of trying to take all 3 points and the Players were aware of his belief he has not installed in them…Is this why we lost to Man City, as they beat us 6 – 0, because Fat Sam Mentality, was to stifle a Man City team we were expected to lose to anyway,
    For God Sake, if your expected to lose you might as well have no regrets, go out there and Play Football Their was a Cup Final at stake,
    We played Negative and still lossed 6-0 anyway, Horendous score line believing we could stifle the opposition…. atleast the Fans would have respected the players for having a go in a Carling CupSemi, No regrets is what he should have said to his players, But all he cared about was not losing in the Premier League, to which he is doing anyway week in week out….. Jog on Fat Sam

    Dinosaur Minds gives Dinosaurs results, With the added Dinosaur Tactics, Its Time to make BIG Fat Sam Extinct , Like his Personality

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