Allardyce: Threatened teams can go on a run!

Creepy AllardyceSam Allardyce has warned Hammers fans that whilst the Irons have a reasonable run-in, Burnley’s recent win over Manchester City showed how difficult life can be.
And of our game against Leicester City tomorrow he said: “It’s a result business and they (Leicester) haven’t gone as well as the performances merit.
“At this stage of the season teams at the bottom can go on a good run, last year it was Sunderland. We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen against us.”
“Looking at the table, it’s very tight between eighth and tenth. We have a reasonable run in, some games are certainly more winnable than others. No game is ever easy.
“Leicester will be up for it and I think they’ve got great hope that they stay up. It’s happened before, Alan Curbishley did it here a few years ago. I did it at Bolton early on, Sunderland did it last year, Roy Hodgson did it at Fulham. When you’re fighting for Premier league survival it can bring out the best in players.”

“I thought Leicester did enough to get something from the Tottenham game, it just hinged on a decision that went against them. For us, it’s about getting as many points as possible, hopefully we’ll build on our win over Sunderland last time out.”

And commenting on how to keep the team focused given there’s not too much tpo play for at top or bottom of the table Allardyce said: “It is a concern as a manager because you can’t afford to switch off the gas, no matter where you are in the table.
“We have to create as much revenue as possible and it’s about a £1 million more per place you finish so each position does what a difference.”



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14 comments on “Allardyce: Threatened teams can go on a run!

  1. I am becoming more and more convinced that BFS is a total loser: he’s and underdog, he feeds on excuses, alibis to mask his incompetence. That cannot be allowed to go on, he’s a deadly virus.

  2. Im sure as the most flexible,sophisticated manager in the league he can overcome these tough teams in the relegation spots.Dear oh lord,every friday seems like deja vu.The next reason or excuse if we dont win on the saturday.If Sam has so much confidence in his ability why does he always go looking for excuses in advance.

  3. The paradox is precisely that: he thinks to be a sophisticated manager, but at the same time he always covers his back…

  4. It is just a standard friday in Samland i see.Any team we play now who are near the bottom Sam will have us believing are world beaters by the time the match comes round,lol

  5. I think tomorrow could be a tricky game,im pretty sure we have a decent record against leicester historically though.I have got to the stage now i would probably settle for a draw or to respect the point as Samuel would say 😉

    • you Sam loving traitor.. only Sam would say it could be a tricky game. Shame

      • Hahaha,im a modern man,i have decieded to adopt a Sam philosphy for the remaining games.Expect little & get very excited if we get a draw 😀

  6. ahah… in honor of Sam’s philosophy I’ll get a tattoo… RESPECT THE POINT.

  7. If we play like we did at Burnley & Palace,even at spurs we should beat them quite comfortably.But if we play like we did against Sunderland they will turn us over for sure.

  8. Cue the excuses!!!!!

  9. Sam got his excuse in early by swanning off to dubai.he knows ges not up to the runin so treated himself and the players to a jolly as a payoff for him just going through the motions.nolan will play every game until he gets his 100th goal.the bonus for this must be huge.you can expect the curtis players to get plenty of appearances to bump up their bonuses and those who get a cut from it. As he said its about the money from placings (he must get a placing bonus) which shows whats important to him.Shame he is such a poor manager as he could have earned so much more if he were. Cream always rises but hes stuck at the dregs.

  10. Hi mattee the swagger didn’t last long,
    He is in a state of confusion,does not know if he wants to stay,does not know who wants him,what’s he going to do without Nolan who is coming to the end of his days,
    He knows if we don’t go on a run now and we don’t finish in the top 7 he will only be wanted in the championship again,
    Sorry BFS it’s all over its back to the little clubs at least you got 3 years more than at Newcastle.

  11. Newcastle fans couldnt wait to see the back of him.I was living just outside the Toon when he was in charge,i went up with work for about 10months.Even though the club was in a bit of turmoil before & after his departure they were just relieved to see the back of him.Couple of the lads i knew would have preferred they got relegated than keep him,lol

  12. The man is just a loser **** out to deflect any criticism. Team at the top = more resources. Team in the middle = dangerous and open to express themselves. Team at the bottom = liable to go on a run and turn us over.

    Never mentioned Burnley winning at City to say well if they can so can we, or that there are teams we should beat because we’re better than them or have spent more money.

    Just a negative self preserving ****er. Get rid.

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