Andy Caroll gets abuse

andy-carroll1Andy Carroll got abuse on social media yesterday but this time it was not about his football ability or the amount time he has been injured.

Yesterday, the abuse was aimed at his newly braided hair and pony tail. Carroll returned to action in the second half bagging the winning goal off the head of his new look style but he was trolled on twitter mainly by non West Ham fans who thought his new hair style was ridiculous. As long as you bag the goals in Andy, we don’t care what you look like.

“Andy Carroll’s hair looks like a 14 year old girl’s who has just been on her first holiday”

“Andy Carroll looks like he’s had his hair done on a beach promenade in Majorca.”

“Andy Carroll looks like one of my brats dolls I used to own” 

“Andy Carroll’s new hair style! Truly shocking! As if the pony tail wasn’t bad enough”

“Andy Carroll has gone back to that stupid f***** braided hair style. Looks more like a horse than ever”

“Just set eyes on Andy Carroll’s hair. What a melt.”


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10 comments on “Andy Caroll gets abuse

  1. I never realised we had so many camp, fashionistas, supporting our club. Hair styles couldn’t be less important to me. Scoring goals on the other hand…. . I’m probably just old. I remember a time when only the ladies owned hair-dryers and had skin-care products, sigh.

  2. Don’t worry they are only jealous. Haha

  3. I thought “intergalactic mercenary” myself…

  4. All I care about his head, is that he keeps using it to put the ball in the back of the net. Some people just have too much time on their hands and think people like hearing their inane negative droll. Jog on, haters!

  5. He does look a **** though & if Kane had it done everyone on here would be ******* themselves laughing!

  6. This look at a few facts here, if Andy Carroll was black he’d get no abuse for his various hairstyles, Trevor Sinclair never for his dreadlocks Felani don’t for his fro, most people wouldn’t take the **** out of AC alone in a room with him and lastly, does no one remember George Best aka ‘El Beatle or more to the point the fashion sense and hairstyling of our own Bobby Moore, I still haven’t forgot the abuse he used to get for his style, short memories some people

  7. I’d love to have Carrolls haircut. Mine stopped growing 20 years ago, but then, i’d like Donald Trumps haircut too.

  8. Scored the winner.
    Hair cut is irrelevant.

  9. If he can score goals with this hair cut and it helps I hope to see the whole team with it next game,
    With the clothes fashion of Song and Zarate we could start some sort of Mad Max fashion
    Just think in a years time when it catches up in Sunderland Hippo will have it,
    Great look for the Championship

  10. Whats with some of you being so sensitive.I hope he scores 20 goals for us this season but it doesnt mean i cant say he looks a pr*ck.He is our pr*ck but he still looks like a pr*ck.
    One of these would suit Hippohead im sure Bubs 😀

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