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Andy Carroll pictured out drinking again


West Ham striker Andy Carroll has been pictured out drinking again. The photos and video published by the Daily Mirror show Carroll and former Hammer Joey O’Brien drinking pints in the Slug and Lettuce pub in Canary Wharf as the Hammers beat Crystal Palace win on Saturday.

There will be raised eyebrows that Andy Carroll has allowed himself to seen photographed drinking alcohol in such a public place just weeks after he was accused of pulling an all nighter with Darren Randolph after a manager authorised night out.

As a young 22 year old Carroll once told an interviewer “I have made some mistakes but they are all behind me. I have just got to move on into the future. I don’t mind a pint now and again, but that is the way I have been brought up; that’s who I am and I am not really going to change. I’ll be the person I am. I am just going to carry on playing my football, keep my head down and do it at the right time. That’s the point, I know the right time to do it, and I know when not to.”

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67 comments on “Andy Carroll pictured out drinking again

  1. Why should it come as a surprise.Bilic is just one in a long line of managers who have questioned his off field professionalism.
    The lad is a fool to himself sometimes.

  2. Not suggesting football players can never drink alcohol but to drink pints in the Slug at Canary Wharf was ill advised at very best. Someone was bound to snap him.

    Also debatable whether Carroll knows moderation of just having one or two pints. Pre-season he basically said his body was a temple and he now looking after himself.

    He doesn’t help himself does he?

  3. Nope not at all mate.He is typical of the english players that other foreign footballers like Zola & Di Canio could never get their heads round.
    I gave up on him a long time ago.I know others still think he is a messiah but for me he is unprofessional,injury prone & offers us a handful of good appearances a season *sigh*
    He is 80k a week of clown at times.No wonder Slav lost his barnet trying to babysit this plonker.

  4. Looks like lager to me – not proper beer, doesn’t count – just makes you fart!

  5. Lol you have to wonder whether he actually has any brain cells sometimes.I aint got a problem with him having a pint but why after all this about the all night session put yourself out there to be snapped again.Especially while the team are actually playing elsewhere.
    I think its time Slaven took him home & kept him in a cage & only let him out for physio & training 🙂

  6. Imagine if that was Sacko having a beer? The daily forum would be going into meltdown 🙂

  7. Think we know he has no brain, why support your team mates, or even watch the match? he just has a very easy cash cow, top money for hardly doing anything?

  8. Does it say anywhere how many pints he drank? What is the harm in having a couple of jars on a sat eve watching the game? Why are people on a witch hunt for everything West Ham?

    • History tells us it is never just one pint, the guy obviously has a problem and his timing on his latest episode is poor. If it was Adrian sitting down for a beer it wouldn’t be a story in the media but it’s not.

      • And there you have it in a nutshell Sean.If it was any other footballer apart from possibly Rooney it wouldn’t even make the papers.Why do the papers make a deal out of AC on the sauce because they no there is a story to it beyond just the occasional pint or two.

      • Sean you do know it was non-alchoholic lager dont you lol 😀

  9. Says more about the horrible intrusive and judgmental world we live in then Andy Carroll.
    The young man has a pint watching a match with his pal,so what? Are we trying to say Carroll’s injury problems are alcohol related? He’s built like a Greyhound and always gives 100% on the pitch in fact most of his injuries are related to his aggressive and combative style of play. The teams results and performances have seen a vast improvement since the team bonding night out. The real problem here is a lack of comradeship between all the new signings and last year’s squad. By and large they have all been a massive disappointment,no form,little effort and lots of injuries and not a pint to be seen! Once upon a time this was a working class sport played by working class lads with a connection with their fanbase. How many stories have we heard about Moore and Bonds travelling to matches on the bus with the fans? Now we all sit in judgement if a player sits with ordinary people and has one pint with a friend while his team plays on the big screen and mark my words it was only one pint because if it was anymore the slug with the camera phone would have it recorded!. I also doubt we would be debating this at all if it was a glass of chianti Carroll had to his lips and that says a lot about the snobbery that has crept into English society. Lets lay off him and look forward to him striking terror into opposing defences rather then condemning him for a teatime tipple.

    • No, we are saying that alcoholis known to inhibit injury recovery and given the time he’s been absent since joining maybe recovery rather than alchohol should be the priority

  10. Well, when you got more money than sense, I guess you got to spend it on something… and let’s not forget the fact that he’s Andy Almighty… lol 😉

  11. Not the brightest move on Carroll’s part, but think we can all agree on one thing, namely that AC isn’t bright, so hardly a surprise. Even if it was just one pint, in this day and age when everyone has a camera phone, he needs to wise up and understand how those who pay his wages might view such actions. Whilst Carroll has little understanding of such matters, someone must be being paid to advise him. So either they’re not very good at their job, or Carroll is ignorant as well as thick! Time to stop making excuses for him. Next time I hope he invites Bardsley round for a pint in his kitchen, and he gets the same treatment as Rooney!

  12. 1 or 2 pints – so what, non story

    90 pints – bad and a story

    Bet it was the former

  13. What a load of **** deise.Wake up it aint a beer before a match game anymore.You are stuck in the 60s aint you.
    So we have all this rubbish last week & the week before & him & you think its wise.If its so commonplace why aint other players always picturd in the press on the booze.
    Some fans are so blind to Carroll & think he is some sort of footballing god.He aint he is a liability to the club.

  14. Bloody hell guys you cant have it both ways.Moan about everyone being against West Ham but then think this was in any way a bright idea after the press has been all over Carroll after him & Randolphs night out.
    There aint no problem with him having a bevvy or two,of course not but any sensible player who finds himself in the spotlight over a drinking incident would at least put himself out of the frame for a few weeks.
    Anyway keeping arguing,justifying,whatever you are trying to do.Im off for a beer,someone call the paperazzi please hehe

  15. Whatever way you want to dress it up after Drinksgate he would have done himself a big favour staying out of the press with a beer in his hand the way i see it…
    But it is what it is,he doesnt help himself sometimes thats a fact.

  16. JB nobody is suggesting drinking before a match is acceptable.Carroll is out injured for Gods sake. By the way I wasn’t even born in the sixties.Forget about Carroll if you can and look at what we have done to our society. I’m sick of this puritanical judgmental attitude to having a bleeding pint.We are turning into bleeding California.You’ll be calling for him to see an analyst next!! We’ll all moan about how the players have no connection with their fanbase and at the same time want them to live in some kind of Ivory tower wrapped in cotton wool.
    We call him an idiot because he dares to show his face in public and has a pint!! Hang him at Tyburn at first light! I think all footballers should be tagged and photographed if they dare venture out in public and am quite happy to live in this Orwellian society Not!! JB look at the bigger picture, you can either have players who feel an affinity with their supporters or your way, players who see the public as people out to trap and condemn for the “crime” of having a drink or God forbid eating a Mars bar. You can’t have it both ways and I know which I rather. .

    • Deise i think you are totally missing the point.The press are all over us as a club.He has just been the centre of a press story with Randolph.No one is saying having a beer is wrong but after the previous stories only a week or two ago how the hell is it bright.
      Sorry but it just isnt..

    • DeiseHammer, all due respect but you’ve certainly changed your tune! You didn’t seem too worried about the previous pictures of AC when the original drinkgate was published about alleged all night drinking by Carroll and Randolph, this is what you posted (below).

      September 28, 2016 at 12:57 am
      Footballers,Footballers what a stupid race of people. None of em give the slightest toss about the club,it’s fans or the predicament we find ourselves in. Overpaid spoiled brats as proved by the nation’s performance at the euros. I given up caring and quite frankly am resigned that this squad of layabouts will lead this once proud East End club into the abyss along with the lego stadium and that cursed carpeted athletics track..

      • Top man is DeiseHammer.Footballers are a stupid race of people & football fans are intellectually challenged according to him..
        But he hates judgemental people pmsl

  17. Its a no win arguement fellas.Those of you who dont rate him will hang him up from the nearest tree.Fans who think the sun shines out of his posterior will say he has done nothing wrong Lol
    It really aint worth arguing about imho.

  18. This conversation makes absolutely no sense now some comments have gone Lol
    Time for a few beers i reckon.It might make sense after them.

  19. what are Carrolls contractual obligations with regards to looking after himself? Trade in his wages and we might finally land a decent striker who stays fit. Carroll us described in Joe Barton’s book ( I know!) as the worst trainer he has known.

  20. All i will say is this.Most things are kept in house but both Allardyce & Bilic have questioned his lifestyle away from football in live interviews.Now for me managers almost trying to shame him into applying himself better away from the club on tv tells a story.
    Perhaps it is just one some supporters dont want hear.

  21. I beg to Differ Alfie. You are missing my point completely. These people are footballers,entertainers not world leaders or opinion shapers! “The press are all over us at the moment” so what! They have to sell papers don’t they! We don’t have to be stupid enough to have our thoughts and outlook dictated by them. We are a football club not a government for heaven’s sake. Lighten up forget about Carroll and his tea time pint and treat the sport pages as what they were once meant to be, commentary on weekend past times.
    This is an entertainment industry and people like Carroll and Rooney are our versions of the Kardashians albeit not as good looking! We bought into this crap! I couldn’t give a toss about Carroll one way or another but I’ll defend his right to go out in public and have a drink if he wants over what the press thinks is acceptable. Live and let live and all that. Don’t be a slave to the Daily Mail enjoy the game and if you see a player out having a jar, get his autograph maybe even join him for a pint and leave the phone in your pocket. I guarantee you you’ll enjoy football and life much better

  22. If he was serious about recovery he wouldn’t be drinking alcohol, weakens the core and harms the recovery of the muscles. Like many have said when the club are under the microscope why draw more attention to us, if he wanted a drink and to watch the match what is wrong with him meeting JOB at either of their homes and doing it.

    • Exactly 32.It s a medical fact that drinking & smoking slows recovery from injuries.
      So why the heck as a professional sportsman do you want to hinder your recovery even if in a small way.
      He is being paid big bucks to play football & should be doing everything in his powers to do everything to get fit as soon as possible.
      No telling some fans though,especially the ones who think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

      • lol yep Eddie, I have no idea, as someone that has spent as much time on the sidelines as he has you would think he would leave no stone unturned in his recovery, if it was just the one pint then you could give him a little leeway but that rarely seems to be the case with him and when you are earning £85k a week you would think he would feel a responsibility to the club to get himself back.

  23. Bloody hell drinkgate 2 lol 🙂

  24. Eddie. He or any of the modern day players are not paid big bucks to play football they are paid big bucks to sell merchandise. Football is now only a bi product of a commercial operation. Where have you all been. Who’s living in the sixties now? This obsession with Carroll, you’re all unbelievable. He’ll score a couple when he returns and you’ll all be shouting Carroll for England. No wonder it’s so easy for clubs to make a mint. Football supporters and intellectually challenged always have been alway will be…

    • Dont be so bloody rude you overbearing fool!!!
      I take it your not a footballer suporter then or are you intellectually challenged as well or do you just look down on others from your pedestal!!!
      Btw what does “Football supporters and intellectually challenged” mean.Surely you ment “are” mensa man!!!

    • Thats a pretty sweeping statement Deisehammer.Nothing like stereotyping.Thats the sort of comment i would expect from someone with a below average IQ to be honest.

      • So the man thats says that football fans are intellectually challenged earlier claimed.. “I’m sick of this puritanical judgmental attitude”
        Says it all doesnt it.Talking in riddles to sound intellectual but in fact just comes across as bombastic.

    • Obsession with Carroll? Honestly, it’s the opposite. Some fans like you believe the Unplayable Andy is untouchable. Tell me what your hero has done over these years considering that he makes £80k a week… he enjoys a large amount of popular trust, no matter what he does, while Zaza is garbage after 5 games… frankly, I count the days till Carroll leaves… Anyway, thanks for the lesson, Teach.

      • Think you might have a few on board yourself,you might find two n’s in the well known beverage produced in Dublin and once in Park Royal London. But hey this is not an Anglo Irish argument, we have just as many deluded football supporters as you have. Glad you took the time to look up my profile

    • Get a life. (and an education ).

  25. It may have escaped the attention of some that alcohol inhibits physical recovery to a significant extent and given we are talking 80k a week maybe recovery should take precedence

  26. I’ll take a pint of whatever Delse is drinking. Or maybe two, or three, or ………………………..

    • I was just thinking the same Jimbo.Whatever it is he drinks i want some.
      Anyway there is no point going to watch matches anymore,the players are just merchandising clothes horses according to the wise buddha deise.
      I might ask for a ST refund & sit in front of the club shop window instead for 90 mins every match day lol 🙂

  27. Modern players are briefed by media people not to be photographed drinking alcohol, smoking or eating junk food. They are paid a massive wage per week and with that comes responsibility to represent the club at all times when out in public.

    Would it be too much to ask to drink with JOB privately at home instead of one of the busiest and well known pubs in docklands?

    1) Carroll has a reputation of it never being just one pint, it needs to work hard at this perception of being a party animal if he ever wants to shake it off. Is he really a changed man?

    2) He is still under investigation for pulling an all nighter with Darren Randolph after being photographed in McDonalds and in Shoreditch at lunch time the next day.

    3) I am not a medical person but have been by a medical person that alcohol doesn’t aid the recovery process from injury.

    4) After a £17.5m transfer fee and a basic of £85,000 should be looking at ways to pay the club and fans back for the faith they placed in him. He should be keeping a low profile.

    5) Finally whether they like it not, these players are ambassadors for our club and the West Ham badge. They represent the reputation of the club whether on or off duty. Would it be such a high price to pay not to drink, eat junk food or smoke in public while you are contracted to a club for £85,000 per week. I think some of us could manage that.

    • Well what i dont understand here Sean is that most of us delinquents know that booze slows healing,the medical team at the club will know it slows healing so we have to assume the medical team have told injured players to lay off it havnt we.
      Maybe it just goes in one ear’ole & out the other with him.

    • He should get a 2 week wage deduction every time he is photographed drinking during the season on any outings not sanctioned by the club.

    • Alco won’t change mate.

  28. Why not just say it as it is? AC cost 15m spent 80+ weeks injured and has scored 20 odd goals so an utter waste of money 🙂

  29. As an employee of WHU, and Saturday/Sunday being a normal working day for professional footballers, shouldn’t AC have been on the team coach at the match supporting the boys’. At £85,000 pw this should be a mandatory requirement and then he couldn’t go out drinking. It is about time the club announced the outcome of their investigation of the Randolph/AC incident and act upon it and put procedures in place to stop this sort of thing happening again. By the way, during Cressies long injury spell he never got up to this sort of nonsense – perhaps that is why he played ahead of schedule?

  30. How much longer has Carroll got on his contract with us?

  31. Well, on the basis of my own experience with football training, and my background in medicine and pharmacology, I can tell you without any doubt, that alcohol and exercise do not mix; even more so, if you are on the path back from injury, it becomes even more critical.
    If you are serious about playing football, irrespective of whether you are a professional or an amateur, then alcohol, smoking, and diet are critical aspects in the equation for potential success on the field.
    In addition to the negative comments made relating alcohol to injury recovery, let me add one other important aspect, which affects anyone who drinks at night- alcohol (moderate intake)l disrupts normal sleep function. So if you are out on the booze, your performance the next day, whether it be in a game or at training will not be 100% of normal capacity.

    I am sure that the boys who put out such a spirited performance against Palace, all have a healthy respect for the positive and negative effects of alcohol. One or two ‘light’ beers after training or a hard game, may have some positive effects, although the jury is still out on this practice. When I have taken care of people with alcohol-related issues, their initial accounts of 1-2 beers per night, often turns out to be their protective (and understandable) way of hiding the reality of 4+ schooners (=60 grams of EhOH), otherwise they would never came across your pathway in the first place. I f you add to this pattern, the occasional all-night ‘bender’, where they become essentially, ‘leg-less’, then you are looking at big problems! Don’t get me wrong- I am no moralist who is telling people what they should drink and/or take. However, the evidence is out there for any ‘cognitively functioning person’ to consider for themselves. Hopefully AC (and any other West Ham player) is still young enough to see the potential folly of his ways; if not, it may catch up with him well beyond his playing days. In addition to alcohol, I must say, at this point, that other non-alcoholic recreational drugs also form a common form of poly-drug use, which is often well disguised for a long time.

  32. So bored about hearing how he’s injured or how he’s going to get 20 goals a season and unplayable on his day, he cost 15m hardly ever plays and gets payed a fortune for doing next to nothing you don’t have to be an intellectual to work that out 🙂

  33. The Mirror now seem to be reporting that this was an AC lookalike so it would appear they set it up to wind up hammers fans…

  34. I’m a bit late to this thread, I’d just like to say that rather than being annoyed about him having a pint with a pal, I’m more disappointed he wasn’t on the coach and sitting in the stand at Selhurst encouraging on his team mates in what was a crucial game for us.

    • Agree with that point Pop..If he had time to go for a beer surely he could have had time to go to support his teammates.No one is saying its a must or should be compulsory but it would have been good to see him there considering it was a game in London.

  35. Why is an “athlete” paid £85000 per week and doesn’t look after themself?

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