Ange tells Irons fans: Moyes is outstanding

Moyes is outstanding according to Spurs manager

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou has come to the defence of Hammers boss David Moyes, praising him as “one of the outstanding managers in the game.”

West Ham is set to host Spurs today, with Moyes aiming for another victory over Tottenham after securing a 2-1 win earlier this season.

Moyes has faced criticism from some Hammers fans this season, particularly regarding his use of substitutions and his tendency to adopt defensive tactics to close out games.

These strategies have sometimes backfired, evident in the momentum swings witnessed in West Ham’s recent matches. Despite this, some in the media have dismissed Irons fans as unrealistic, but ahead of tonight’s London Derby, the Spurs manager has offered his support for Moyes.

“I believe he’s an exceptional manager. I hold him in high regard,” remarked Postecoglou.

“He’s someone I’ve always respected. Sustained success in the game is significant, especially at this level.”

“Whether it was during his time at Everton or the challenging task he faced at Man U, he’s coached abroad and has continued to make his mark,” Postecoglou continued.

“I think he’s done an outstanding job at West Ham. Anyone who thinks otherwise… considering the team’s current status and the quality of players they have, it’s evident they possess some top-notch footballers, and I believe they’ll only improve.”

ange postecoglou-david moyes-West Ham vs Spurs

Postecoglou says Moyes is outstanding

“In today’s world, there’s often a knee-jerk reaction to every situation, but I’m confident he ranks among the top managers in the sport,” Postecoglou concluded.

What else do we expect Ange to say? He’s hardly likely to call Moyes crap and do his team talk for him. However, I do sense a healthy dose of mutual respect between the two managers. Whether the teams share that kinship remains to be seen.


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5 comments on “Ange tells Irons fans: Moyes is outstanding

  1. Why am I uncomfortable with the fact that all the people praising Moyes are official or unofficial managers and supporters of clubs that have a vested interest in keeping our great club out of the top 6 ? If we were in the relegation zone they would not know we exist.

    • This was exactly my thought too but you beat me in saying it.
      it’s a shame that us fans aren’t given as much media coverage to explain why Moyes has reached his ceiling and urgently needs replacing.

      I hope I’m wrong but like our weather at present I see storm clouds on the horizon. Fingers and toes crossed for tonight 👍

  2. another manager with a brown tongue 👅

  3. It’s an old trick, praise up the opposition in advance whilst secretly focusing on their weaknesses. It comes under the banner of give nothing away.

  4. Ask Ange if he’s willing to play football like Moyes.

    After he’s done laughing, ask him again.

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