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Another fine mess “Oliver” …and it cost us dearly

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Referee Β Michael Oliver got one of one of the most obvious penalty decisions so wrong at lunchtime and again it cost the Irons dearly.

I hate the “we wuz robbed” discussions after games but on this occasion there can be no argument that we were deprived of one of the clearest spot kicks possible.

It came late on as Andy Carroll rose for a corner with “goal” on everybody’s lips or the roof of their mouths but he was very gently pushed in the back just hard enough to ensure he missed out.

Sanchez clearly put an arm into his back and Carroll dropped – arms flailing – to the deck, but Oliver dismissed appeals from the home players.

It was clearly a wrong decision – another to add to a long list and when a free for all between the two sets of players towards the end, the momentum the Hammers had built up was lost.

Ten more minutes and it may have been very different.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Another fine mess “Oliver” …and it cost us dearly

  1. End of the day we got done fair & square Hughie.Unfortunately The Spuds are a class act so i wasnt surprised.
    Thats life,we will stuff Swansea next week no problem.
    Just have to put up with a week of the dotards moaning in-between now & then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • If ur not allowed to have a moan about things ur not happy with rads and always look at positives these sites would be pretty boring do nt you think ..mind you your a young pup so give it another ten years of watching this rubbish then you might start having a Moan as well πŸ˜‚ I used be be like you wen i was still young and full of hope ..butovser the years it gets harder.. Maybe one single trophy might help in my lifetime

      • Lol Kip,you crack on mate it dont bother me at all,i was only messing.I used to moan all the time when Hippo Head was manager so i can’t complain about others being p*ssed off now 😁
        I just don’t see it as doom & gloom as you lot thats all & i have said if Bilic goes then he probably deserves it.I aint pro Bilic,just not as down on everything right now as some of youπŸΊπŸ˜‰

  2. If we have to rely on soft penalty claims , it’s far worse than we think .

  3. Oliver systematically tips the scale in favor of West Ham’s opponents. He does it over and over again, in a very subtle way sometimes, but the facts are there. Anyone with memory of his refereeing over the past four years show that he rarely goes our way. Today, there were three penalties. Granted he could not see the fort one (Aurier grabbing Aranutovic’s shirt in the penalty area), but the second (arm swinging by Aurier) and the last one on
    Carroll are unquestionable. It was more blatant than the penalty which made us lose the game at Southhampton. Plus, he allowed Totts to commit a big number of vicious fouls and was very lenient with their time wasting. Things add up and the result is there.

    • Could say the same about most refs in the PL where we are concerned Dunlop (and I have many a time). We were unlucky not to get at least 1 pen but to be honest it would have been a travesty (not one I would complain about) if we had got anything from the game, we were outplayed by an organised team who created openings through superior play and exposed Bilic’s lack of organisation and system of play. We have a team that could easilly compete with those at the top if they played as a team, we looked aimless for most of the game, I wasn’t there yesterday watched it on TV but should be though for the Swansea game where hopefully our superior quality will be enough although I wont be holding my breath.

  4. Relax Kev,couple of wins & we will steam up the table.Whats to be so worried about 😁

    • Hope you’re right , Rads . Tottenham are a top act , so it’s hard to damn our lot and blame the ref . But I still think with the squad we have we should done a lot better over the last six games . Four points doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence though . Nice to see you’re staying positive . Maybe we’ll suddenly spring up and out of the bottom three but , it’s not looking too promising right now . We should beat Swansea , ok , agree πŸ€”πŸ€

  5. I also thought the free kick that lead to their third goal was invented. Fonte barely touches the player (think it’s Alli, another detestable individual) who makes a whole show and gets the foul.

  6. one man cost us today and it was the substitution that he made with 30 minutes gone.

    • I would not say its his fault but he made a really bad sub and it didnt make sense. Ayew had to come on surely. (Unless he was injured)

  7. Stfu master you and your kind on websites are a pain in the arse.

  8. I dont like blaming the ref and thought generally he reffed the game OK. Looking back on MOTD he got so much wrong. 2 clear pens (Shirt pull on Arnatovic) and the Carroll pen. Aurier with 4 yellow card fouls and some very strange bookings elsewhere. Poor game from him and they got away with it.

  9. Lets not blame the ref, although he was very poor for a supposedly top class game. West Ham didnt get started until the last 15 minutes. Give a good team a 3 goal start is always difficult to get back. If Spuds keep playing that way then the yellow cards will mount up and they will have numerous players suspended.
    My rant is more, how can Tottenham have 20 fouls against them and so few yellow cards, their play was synical and when the ref eventually gave a free kick they argued the toss and by my calculation wasted 7 minutes of the game. Granted it got them 3 points, but surely the FA should be looking at time wasting, diving, arguing with the ref. Whatever the result, they still wont win the league. There is no standard of refereeing, last minute against Southampton, no foul and a penalty, there would be no point saying how many blatant ‘missed’ fouls.
    The Irons made 2 mistakes defensively and were punished to make it 2-0, unfortunate for the 3rd (Ali dive) a good oast 10 minutes made it a reasonable score line. I wonder if any other club had wasted 7 minutes would the manager be innthe face of the officails? Im sure Moan Utd and Chelski managers would not allow it to happen.

  10. The Poppodom gave the ball away and couldn’t be arsed to jump for a header and we went and conceded 2. But the good news is that he’s unplayable and unique on his day πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  11. To be fair to Bilic his starting 11 and tactics made us competitive yesterday but it fell apart when Antoniaow limped off and instead of replacing him with pace he put big Andy on and it simply didn’t work. Toby and Vertongen had him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Poor again from Bilic, the Carroll/Bilic era needs to end ASAP, I’d sack him now but the owners will just wait till the end of the season. We’ll be fine against most teams in the prem but we certainly won’t give any of the big boys a game. Our 2 goals v Spurs were through grit, determination and a bit of desperation rather than quality and class. We’ll be ok but Bilic won’t πŸ™

    Also what has happened to Kouyate? Other than the goal and a couple of tackles he didn’t really help Noble out and didn’t make himself readily available.

    • We’ll be Fine against most teams in the Prem !!. Look at it again , JC . Four points from six games and 19th . Still fourteen teams we haven’t played yet and eighteen of them are above us . Hard work this maths lark . Things can only improve because worsening doesn’t bare thinking about .

    • Agree with you Jager unless we have a a few more bad games in succession they will stick to Bilic for the season, they have never been keen on sacking managers mid season and most times thats worked ok for them, it really depends on their ambition for this season and I would question that, I think we will be in or around the top 10 after 38 games but my hopes that we would challenge the top 6 seem very distant at this stage.

      • Challenge the Top Six this season 32.You been at the cooking sherry.It wasnt ever going too happen πŸ˜€
        Just reading an article from Bolton,their fans want Cullen & Burkes loan deals ripped up because they say they are shyt πŸ˜‚

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